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For the numerous other organisations of the same name, see United Micronations (disambiguation).

The United Micronations 2015 was founded on 15 November 2015, founder members are 6: Belia, Eberia, Gardeland, Republic of Fitberland, Occitania and The United Socialist States, on 22 January 2016 the Republic of Iberis became the 7th member, on 29 January the Kingdom of Coria and the Democratic Republic of Kyrovistan became the 8th and the 9th members. On the 6 Fabruary, Popular Union of Occitania left the organisation, in 2015 the Micronations "United Workers Democratic Republic & Democratic republic Of Doronis Be come a official members" in 2017 Republic of Fitberland Cease to exist.

United Micronations
United Micronations Flag
Official flag of United Micronations
Headquarter United Micronations.JPG‎ Intermicronational Territory

Official language(s) English

Members 11 Micronations

Incumbent Chairman(s) Pérsico.mx.png Pérsico
General Secretary Gamaliel Rodriguez

Foundation 15 November 2015
Objective Collaboration and support between world micronations

Official Contacts [1]


Official members

Flag Name Member since Claimed area GDP per capita $ Currency(ies) Capital(s) Language(s) Head(s) of State
Flag of the Democratic Republic of Belia.png Democratic Republic of Belia 15 November 2015 2,05 km² 29,678 New Ruble Nova Belmonte Spanish Alejandro Sepúlveda
Eberia.png Republic of Eberia 15 November 2015 0,06 km² XX,XXX Eberian Dollar Bergen English and Swedish Erik johansson
Flag of Gardeland.png Kingdom of Gardeland 15 November 2015 1072,716 km² 51,068 Krona Akranes Icelandic and English Gudmund III
EUS.png The United Socialist States 15 November 2015 552,255 km² 50.104 Tokens CyberCity Spanglish Gamaliel Rodriguez
Republic of Iberis.jpeg Republic of Iberis 22 January 2016 0,5 km² XX,XXX Euro Fortaleza Spanish and Portuguese Cristian D.A.P
CoriaFlag.png Kingdom of Coria 29 January 2016 0,180 km² XX,XXX Serbian Dinar Coria Corian and Serbian Nikola I and Jovana I
Flag of Kyrovistan.jpg Democratic Republic of Kyrovistan 29 January 2016 120.000 km² XX,XXX Kr. Kyrovistan Ruble Tchévostok French Maria Johansson
California Republic.png California Republic 2 March 2016 0.5 acres XX,XXX Centavos Whitney English, Spanish, Indigenous Languages, and Chinese Commander-In-Cheif McCovey Staples
Litvenska Flaga.jpg The Republic of Litvania 09 Apr 2016 9km2 XX, XXX Litvanian Crown Bernogorod English, Litvanian, Polish President Michał Nowacki



Date start Date end Name
1 December 2015 1 April 2016 Flag of the Democratic Republic of Belia.png Democratic Republic of Belia
1 April 2016 1 August 2016 Flag of Fitberland.png Republic of Fitberland
1 August 2016 1 December 2016 Flag of Gardeland.png Kingdom of Gardeland
1 December 2016 1 April 2017 Eberia.png Republic of Eberia
1 April 2017 1 August 2017 EUS.png Los Estados Unidos Socialistas