Office of Foreign Relations (Enocht)

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Office of Foreign Relations
Established 2 January 2017
Headquarters Enochtia Flag.png Enochtia
Acting Head Sovereign Duke Mark I
Workers 2

The Office of Foreign Relations was established on 2 January 2017, and is the government entity responsible for carrying out the diplomatic efforts of the Sovereign Duchy of Enocht. These diplomatic efforts can include, but are not limited do, increasing global awareness of the Sovereign Duchy and conducting Duchy business outside of the territorial claims of the Duchy.

It is anticipated that the Office of Foreign Relations will be headed by a Chief Ambassador, but for the time being its Acting Head is the Sovereign Duke Mark I, who is the leader of Enocht. Envoys to nations not recognizing Enocht are mainly in a ceremonial position, but may be called upon to raise awareness of the Duchy from time to time. The Acting Head is considered to be the Ambassador to all recognized nations without an assigned ambassador.

The Office of Foreign Relations receives its authority from Official Decree 2017-002.


The Office of Foreign Relations currently operates one Embassy. Embassies are established when the Ambassador to a nation is living within their assigned nation. Exceptions can be made to create an "unoccupied embassy" within micronations by the authority of the Sovereign Duke.

The Sovereign Duchy of Enocht has an embassy in the following nations:


Ambassadors are appointed by the Acting Head of the Office of Foreign Relations. When ambassadors live within that nation, an Embassy might also be established. An ambassador does not have to have an embassy to fulfill their duties.

The Sovereign Duchy of Enocht has appointed ambassadors to the following nations:

Foreign Relations

The Sovereign Duchy of Enocht considers three types of diplomatic relationships, which are Platonic Recognition, Informal Correspondance and a Formal Diplomatic Relationship. The Office of Foreign Relations uses these relationships to further develop Enocht's presence in the international community.

Platonic Recognition

The Office of Foreign Relations considers a nation to be in a state of Platonic Recognition when the Sovereign Duchy of Enocht accepts their sovereignty, but that nation does not accept Enocht's sovereignty. The following are considered to be in a state of Platonic Relationship:

Informal Correspondance

Nations that have a line of communication open with the Sovereign Duchy of Enocht fall under the category of being in Informal Correspondance.

Enocht currently considers one nation to be in this category:

Formal Diplomatic Relationship

The Sovereign Duchy of Enocht considers nations to be in a Formal Diplomatic Relationship with them when that nation has signed a treaty, pact, or other formal agreement with Enocht.

Enocht currently has a formal diplomatic relationship with the following nations: