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Oceanicia being Founded by Comrade of the Fascist Revolution Jesse Mayotte, is founded on the ideals of Fascism, Oceanicia was founded on Saturday, August 11, the Revolutionary war was a long and bloody one and was soon followed by a civil war, this is the story of Oceanicia GLORY TO OCEANICA!

The Oceanician Flag
The Oceanician Flag (more commonly known as the Blood Stained Banner) was adopted as the official flag of Oceanicia on August 11, 2018, it is the only flag change to happen in Oceanician history: The Eagle on it Represents Liberty and Strength, the Bundled rods of the Fasces crossing the Eagle represent Unity,Brotherhood, and Comradeship the color Yellow was chosen as it represents vigilance, Prosperity, and Peace the Black Stripe down the middle represents Militarism and Devotion to ones Country and the green on either sides of it represents the fight against communism, Nature, and the Official Religion of Oceanicia