Oasis Islands Senate elections, 2014

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Oasis Islands Senate elections
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November 4, 2013 2016 →

All 6 Seats to the Oasis Islands Senate
  Stefanko New.jpg Titus Cropped.jpg
Leader Daniel Stefanko Titus Smith
Party People's ULP
Leader since November 11, 2013 November 11, 2012
Leader's seat Serenity Costa Dorada
Last election 2 seats 1 seat
Seats needed 1 2

Incumbent Majority

People's Party

The Oasis Islands senate elections, 2014 will be a series of elections in the Oasis Islands to the Second Session of the Oasis Islands Senate to be held on November 4, 2014 concurrent with the 2014 presidential election. All three incumbents will be up for election along with the open seats in Loonshore, Europa and Hamlinia open for candidates. The Oasis People's Party is going into the election as the Majority Party, while the United Leftist Party needs to pick up two seats to become the majority. Although there is the need for empty seats to be filled, both Casey Hamlin of Oasis and Daniel Stefanko of Serenity, who both have expressed desire to seek re-election, are expected to be faced with opponents.


All five seats to the Senate are up in the election, with Hamlin and Stefanko both stating their intention to seek re-election.


Incumbent Senator Casey Hamlin as announced his intentions to run for a second term in office and is likely to be the nominee for the Oasis People's Party. The United Leftist Party is expecting to run a candidate against Hamlin, with concerned citizen Tina Dyman all but announcing her candidacy in a blistering attack article against Hamlin. Another name floating around is Secretary of Environmental Affairs Laura Horsley, although she would almost certainly be throwing away her cabinet post for a hard race. Hamlin swept the state over Horsley in the 2013 Presidential election eighty percent to twenty percent.


Incumbent Senator Daniel Stefanko has announced that he plans on running for re-election, and will again likely be the nominee for the People's Party. The United Leftists' main hope for taking the seat would be in Director of Health and Public Safety, although like Horsley, he would be abandoning a sure cabinet post for a tough race, as the conservatism of Serenity's population would place the conservative Stefanko at an immediate advantage.

Costa Dorada

Incumbent Senator Titus Smith may or may not run for re-election as he has not made his intentions clear. The People's Party is not expected to run a candidate in Costa Dorada as the chance of winning there would be technically impossible unless Smith voted for the People's candidate.