Order of Knights Paragon

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Order of Knights Paragon
Fraternal order
OKP Logo.png


Language English (unofficial)

Members 7

Grand Master Nikias Wernher
Grand Chancellor Jackson Eden
Grand Arbiter David Sarkozy
Grand Hospitaller Markus Abernathy

– Founded 15 June 2015
– First Executive Elections 29-31 August 2015

Official Forums

The Order of Knights Paragon, or OKP, also informally known as Exemplars, was a fraternal order of knights with the stated goals of promoting peace, civility, philanthropy, and cooperation in the micronational community and beyond. These aims were to be accomplished by the personal efforts of individual members, who were commissioned to act as examples to those around them.


The Order was conceived by Nikias Wernher in early 2015, who soon interested Dylan Callahan and David Sarkozy in the organization. Wernher and his compatriots saw the need for reforms in the MicroWiki community and noted that large intergovernmental organizations had failed to accomplish such changes in the past. The solution in their eyes was the opposite approach: build cooperation and goodwill from the bottom up through the efforts of committed individuals, rather than from the top down through government edicts.

Sarkozy and Wernher presented the idea to the community in July 2015, where it was greeted with some skepticism and general wariness, but was largely praised as a workable concept. Wernher created a forum for the Order in early August, where he opened up nominations for elections of Executive Officals and the Grand Chapter, the cores of Order leadership. The first elections for Executive Officials were held from August 29–31, with six members participating. Nikias Wernher of Delvera, Jackson Eden of the Universal Triumvirate, David Sarkozy of Delvera, and Markus Abernathy of New Israel were elected to the offices of Grand Master, Grand Chancellor, Grand Arbiter, and Grand Hospitaller respectively.