Order of the Commonwealth Cross

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Order of the Commonwealth Cross
Design of the award
Awarded by the President of the Commonwealth of Danatia
Type Order of merit
Eligibility Must be an individual human being; Can be awarded posthumously
Awarded for Contributions for the Commonwealth or the micronational community in general
Status Currently awarded
Established December 30, 2017
First awarded None yet
Total awarded None yet

The Order of the Commonwealth Cross, or simply the OCX, is a civil award in the Commonwealth of Danatia. It was created on December 30, 2017. It is awarded by the President of Danatia. It is the highest and only award in the Commonwealth. It can be awarded only 14 times every year. There is only one rank: Knight, or Dame. It gets its name from the cross on the design, and the fact that Danatia is formally a 'Commonwealth'.