Parliament of the Organisation of Active Micronations

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Parliament of the Organisation of Active Micronations
OAM Parliament
OAM logo.png
TypeUnicameral legislature
Secretary-GeneralGordon Freeman
since At dissolution
Majority LeaderN/A
since July 2011
Opposition LeaderN/A
Members7 MOAMPs, 3 Vice Secretaries-General
(At dissolution
Meeting place
OAM Online Forum

The Parliament of the Organisation of Active Micronations was a legislative body set up in April 2011 to deliberate on matters requiring a speedy resolution, sanctions and other important issues within the organisation. It was abolished on 29 June 2011, following Resolution 188 being passed by The Council.


The Parliament was established by Resolution 159 as part of measures to try to increase interest and activity in the OAM. However, it only passed one motion during its existence and was widely regarded as redundant, a view endorsed in Resolution 188.[1]

In June 2011, The Council passed Resolution 188, which abolished Parliament.


Under the resolution, there was one seat in the Parliament per 10 members in the organisation, plus three permanent seats for the Vice Secretaries-General. Another provision was ensuring that there would always be an odd number of seats in Parliament. Thus, if an even number of seats was calculated, that number was rounded down to the nearest odd number.

At its disestablishment, there were four electable seats. The first elections were held in May 2011.

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