OAM Activity Testing Committee

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OAM Activity Testing Committee
Acronyms OAMATC
Secretary King Wilary I
Status Inactive
Established Late 2009 or early 2010
Notes None

The Organisation of Active Micronations Activity Testing Committee, also known as the OAMATC, was one of the original bodies established in the Organisation of Active Micronations. The Committee's duties were to uphold the goal of an "active" organization by ensure activity by its members, and to propose legislation in the OAM Council to suspend or expell inactive members. The Chairman of the Committee was originally Mark Dresner of the Socialist Union of Nemkhavia and Pristinia, until the election of King Wilary I of the Royal reformed States of America to the position in the March 2010 OAM Election. The Committee was later abolished and its duties taken up by the OAM Internal Affairs Office. Near the end of the OAM however, following rises in inactivity in the organization, James Wilary was granted the independent position of Activity Enforcer for the OAM, with the same procedures as the OAMATC.