OAM Maritime Agency

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OAM Maritime Agency
Acronyms OAMMA
Secretary Lord Ryan St. George
Status Inactive
Established July 13th 2010 (disestablished October 12th 2010)
Website http://oam.50.forumer.com/viewforum.php?f=77

The OAMMA was an agency of the Organisation of Active Micronations. It was amalgamated with the OAM Space and Aeronautical Agency to form the OAM Transport Agency following a Motion to Amend Resolution 70.


The OAMMA was tasked by Resolution 70, passed by the OAM in July 2010, for:

  • Keeping records of member nations’ maritime information & activity, if agreed to by relevant member nations
  • Setting voluntary micronational standards of maritime activities
  • Monitoring member nations’ maritime activity, if agreed to by relevant member nations
  • Encouraging & promoting micronational maritime activities

Structure & Staffing

The OAMMA was headed by Lord Ryan St. George, the People's Proper Republic of Wellingtonian President and Wellingtonian OAM representative. There were no other staff members.