Communist State of the United Novoslav Corporations

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The Communist State of the United Novoslav Corporations (Novoslavia) was founded August 5, 2014. It is based on Titoism and has two leaders the Kommissar and the Marshal.

The Communist State of the United Novoslav Corporations

Official language(s)Squadish
Short nameNovoslavia, CSUNC
GovernmentCommunist, One Party Federal Republic
Established5th Ausgust 2014

The two stripes are for both revolutionary victories.


Originally a loose band of partisans, we rose up against the fascist regime of the United Corporations, or UNC. After our first revolutionary victory, the Communist State of the United Novoslav Corporations was formed.


The earliest the CSUNC can be traced back to is the foundation of Squade on the eighth of September, 2013. The CSUNC's current Commissar, Bonkaholic, and Marshal, Data, formed the group of Squade together to simply carry on an inside joke. They claimed to represent Squade, leading the group itself to gain some recognition among small communities. There were plans to expand Squade itself as a group, but these plans never happened to take effect.

The arguably low-resolution logo of the Squade Steam group:


The United Corporations (Summer of 2014) Some time in the summer of 2014, a pact titled the United Corporations (UNC) was formed. The only groups ever to be involved in this pact were Squade and another with the title of "Legion of Flame," under the leadership of a player known as Halogen3. The majority of the UNC's population consisted of the members of these two groups, though there was also a minority of individuals linked only with the UNC itself. Comically, a pig called "Wilbur" (owned by a player known as "polythylene") was informally considered the mascot of the UNC. The UNC was prosperous for its time, though internal disputes came to a start during the pact's later days.

The First Patriotic War (5 Aug. 2014) The disputes of the UNC eventually led to a swift revolution. This revolution was led by the two members of Squade, Bonkaholic and Data, in favour of a new communist system. They and their few followers were outnumbered by the loyalists, led by Halogen3. These loyalists consisted of both the entire Legion of Flame and most of the unaligned members. Though claiming to be "democratic," they were in support of an immoral fascist regime. However, due to quick action and strategic thinking combined, the communist party almost immediately overthrew the fascists and took control of the UNC. Of course, such a triumph was considered a victory and a successful revolution. In celebration, the pig "Wilbur" was roasted atop the governmental building and enjoyed as a shashlik by both the Commissar and Marshal. Even with such a victory followed by a great celebration, this was not the end of the conflict.

The Second Patriotic War (5 Aug. - 6 Aug. 2014) With the communist party now in power and the "democratic" fascists in exile, the Communist State of the United Novoslav Corporations was founded shortly before midnight on the fifth of August, 2014. The former governmental building of the UNC was heavily fortified with an intricate defencive system of trenches, towers, and most famous of all, the "Iron Curtain," a thick wall of solid stone which extended into the ground. The following morning, the fascists formed the Democratic State of the United Corporations in response. Later that day, the DSUNC launched numerous attacks on the now communist governmental building, though all of these were successfully defended against thanks to the CSUNC's impenetrable defences and valiant partisans. With the war at a standstill, the DSUNC offered a peace treaty: it suggested completely abandoning the old governmental building, settling far away, and reforming the UNC. The communist party agreed to these terms, only to continue the Second Patriotic War by destroying the DSUNC from the inside, forcing them to surrender.

Government and politics

The CSUNC is a country based off of Titoism and the ideals of Yugoslavia. The government is run by both the Kommissar and Marshal leading the motherland into victory daily! The CSUNC is a Titoist one-party federal socialist republic.

Law and order

The CSUNC has The Court of our Kommissar which tries all criminals within the CSUNC. The police in the CSUNC is the CSC (Central Spy Committee), it notifies the government of all suspicious activities.

Foreign relations

The CSUNC has relations with many other micronations, most of which are in the Wojtek pact. Here is a list of the CSUNC's alliances: Izakia, Independent Vichy State, DCMO, The Germanian Resistance, RFAI, Republic of Manilla, and The First Order


The military has a structure with ranking. There is an air force branch, a naval branch, and a land branch. The weaponry of the CSUNC is some of the best with new advances nearly every day. As of writing this article, the CSUNC is involved in a conflict with "New Germania", a fascist state that worships Hitler.

Geography and climate

The CSUNC has a cold climate with both mountainous and plain regions.


The CSUNC imports and exports military goods.


The CSUNC is a thriving Slavic land where Slavic traditions are everywhere. The official language of the CSUNC is Squadish.


The CSUNC has the Red Star Monthly which comes out every 5th commemorating the victory day (August 5, 2014)

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