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Parent protectorate: Nemkhavia
Location: MGPRA1
Formation: September 2010

The Commune of Novomir is the second commune of the Protectorate of Nemkhavia, and the de facto centre of the Protectorate Administration. It was colonised on the 1st of September 2010 by Nemkhav leader Marka Mejakhansk and is located in Germany. It is named for the short lived micronation Novomir-Bergspitze, a planned subsidiary of Nemkhavia but one that never camed to existence.

The commune is home to the Ministry of Defence of the Federated Republics of A1.


As it stated above, the commune of Novomir is located in central Europe, in eastern Germany. Thus, the climate experienced by Novomir residents is considerably different to that experienced by the residents of Astor Impora. The commune itself is located inside a well-fortified building, which has been designed to deal with the harsh weather that can be expected.


Novomir experiences extremely cold Winters and extremely warm Summers, with the time in between having quite changeable weather. As is the case with all of central europe, Novomir is prone to long falls of rain, sometimes lasting three to five days without a break. The commune's location on a hill means that it is safe from the floods that often consume the city of Dresden every few years.

Temperates can range from -5 °C in Winter to +30 °C in high summer.

Fort Patrograd

Fort Patrograd is roughly analogous to Novomir itself, and contains the Ministry of Defence of the Federated Republics of A1.