Empire of New Providence

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Empire of New Providence

Flag of New Providence 2.png
Shield of New Providence.png
Coat of Arms

Explōratōrēs Sumus, Impavida et Audāx
Explorers are We, Intrepid and Bold (English)

Kerguelen Islands, France

Official languageEnglish
DemonymNew Providencian

Governmentimperial confederation
- Empress Violette I

Formation1 February 2018
Area Claimed8380 km² (3236 mi²)
Date formatdd-mm-yyyy
Time zoneUTC+5:00

The Empire of New Providence, commonly shortened to New Providence, is a secessionist entity that aims to control and colonize the Kerguelen Islands and other nearby Southern Indian Ocean islands. It was founded by long-time micronationalist Violette "Suzuki" Clingersmith on 1 February 2018. The Empire itself is treated as a confederation of semi-independent states united under a common cause and government.


New Providence gets it name from the 1988 picture book New Providence: A Changing Cityscape, by Renata von Tshcarner and Ronald Lee Fleming. The book was discovered by Suzuki Leōcor in a 1993 elementary English textbook, Don't Forget to Fly, published by Macmillan/McGraw-Hill. The name New Providence was originally proposed by Leōcor during the foundation of Drew Star Line in 2005, but was not supported by the majority of the micronation's creators at the time.


New Providence was founded on 1 February 2018 by micronationalist Violette "Suzuki" Clingersmith, the fifth micronation she had a hand in creating since 2005. Her original plans were to create a sovereign state on the sub-antarctic Kerguelen Islands, similar to the scrapped plans for the micronation of Sunþrawegaz, also created by Clingersmith. These plans were all abandoned on 1 March in favor a federation of household republics. This plan fell through by the summer, however, and New Providence was left without direction for several months. In September, Clingersmith announced that she would be overhauling the entirety of New Providence. She proclaimed herself Empress Violette I on 13 September, the 13th anniversary of her debut in micronationalism through the co-founding of Drew Star Line in 2005. Planned imperial decrees were postponed due to the impact of Hurricane Florence in Clingersmith's hometown, but the first, issued on 2 October, reaffirmed the original territorial ambitions towards the Kerguelen Islands. The same imperial decree also established the empire on a federation basis, with regions of the Kerguelen Islands to be granted to "deserving citizens of the Empire."

The federational land grant system was met with failure to garner enough active support from both inside New Providence and in the micronational community as a whole. In November 2018, Clingersmith, Nicholas Kaos of Pacem, and Thomas Merrell of Zenrax, got together in an attempt to merge their three micronations. By December it was obvious that the merger was a nonstarter, but many of the details envisioned for the merger were incorporated into Merrell's new micronation of Dragos. By the end of 2018 there Clingersmith made many statements to the effect that she was unsure of what New Providence's future would be, or if it would continue into the next year. However, on 29 December, she hit upon a revised governmental system that allowed individuals to be granted small plots of land in return for giving service to New Providence's imperial government. A system of incentives was put into place which allowed individuals to expand their land grants on the Kerguelen Islands, land that would legally be theirs upon settlement. The new government, described as an imperial confederation, was unveiled to the public on 30 December 2018.


According to Imperial Decree Number One,[1] New Providence is headed by an emperor or empress. The currently reigning Empress is Violette "Suzuki" Leōcor, who crowned herself Violette I on 13 September 2018. New Providence is divided into 28 regions, each of which is to be granted over time by Empress Violette I to "deserving citizens of the Empire." These "deserving citizens" will be styled as Imperial Governors, and will have full right to form whatever government they choose within their given region provided they obey the laws of New Providence as a whole. These Imperial Governors also have the right to form an Imperial Council, which is tasked with advising the Empress and issuing its own imperial decrees affecting policy. Provisions are also in place for a democratically elected parliament to form after all 28 regions have functioning governments and the Kerguelen Islands are colonized.

Internal Divisions

New Providence is a confederation of various micronational entities, which are grouped into three main categories: Dietary Estates, semi-independent realms with their own cultural, economic and political agendas; Imperial Estates, dependent realms which are managed and represented by the Empire directly; and Imperial Territories, realms set aside for future usage. Both Dietary and Imperial Estates have elected representation in the Imperial Parliament, but only Dietary Estates are represented in the Imperial Diet. Imperial Estates are caucused together to elect a single official to represent their interests in the Imperial Diet.

Dietary Estates

Flag Name Formation Pop. Merit Capital Dietitian Parliamentarian
Oíche, Principality of 30 December 2018 1 50 Loinnir Nicholas Kaos
Flag of San Dover (Dietary Estate).png San Dover, Principality of 30 December 2018 1 50 Hadlow Violette Clingersmith


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