NottaLottan Empire

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NottaLottan Empire



NLE Flag.pngNLA Grand-Coat of Arms.png

“Thus Spake Zarathustra”
Official language(s) English
Official religion(s) Christianity (unofficial)
Demonym NottaLottan
Government Constitutional Oligarchy
- Sovereign Pope Pompous the Last
- Secretary of State Son III
- Secretary of the Interior Son IV
Established 15 July 2011
Currency USD ($)
Time zone CST (UTC-6)

The NottaLottan Empire, also known as the NLE, was a constitutional oligarchy based in the central United States. It was formed on July 15, 2011 when NottaLotta Acres claimed dominion over the former Grand Republic of Salania, which was reformed into the Commonwealth of Lavrasia. The Empire was controlled by the powerful Callahan clan, the rulers of NLA. The nation became NottaLotta Acres again with the loss of its Imperial holdings on May 29, 2013.


In June 2011, Secretary Secretariat Son III of NLA entered into negotiations with the president of Salania, Jordan I, regarding a possible union of the two nations under an NLA-dominated government. This discussion stemmed from a failed earlier proposal of the president that would have seen NLA, Salania, and the Republic of Ultamiya united in a confederation (a suggestion steadfastly rejected by Ultamiyan leadership). Fresh out of international political crisis, the Salanian president accepted the offer without much delay. A growing friendship between the two administrations hastened the decision and ensuing reorganization under the banner of the new NottaLottan Empire.

At its height in 2012, the Empire claimed citizens and controlled territory in three US states: Kansas, Missouri, and Colorado. However, the small Coloradan exclave was officially disavowed by the central government not long after its creation in the latter half of the year and the Missouri holdings seceded to form the Grand Republic of Delvera the following Spring. This marked the end of the Empire.


The Imperial government was composed of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS), which included the Pope and the Secretaries of State and Interior. The JCS, all members of the Callahan family, met regularly to discuss national issues and policies, as well as issue edicts and conduct foreign relations.


The military of the Empire was known as the NottaLottan Armed Forces (NLAF), and was comprised of the NottaLottan Army. Its de jure commandant was the Commander-in-Chief, with de facto authority vested in the Adjutant General.