NottaLotta Acres

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NottaLotta Acres


NLA flag thumbnail.pngNLA Grand-Coat of Arms.png

(None Official)
Better Loved Ye Cannot Be, NottaLotta Acres (traditional)
Kansas, North America
Official language(s) American English
Official religion(s) Christian (unofficial)
Demonym NottaLottan
Government Constitutional Oligarchy
- Sovereign Pope Pompous the Last
- Secretary of State Pope Pompous the Last
Established April 26, 2008
Area claimed 10 acres
Population 8
Currency NottaLottan Crown
Time zone UTC -6

NottaLotta Acres was an Anglophone, American micronation. Located in the state of Kansas, NottaLotta Acres had declared sovereignty but not independence from the United States. Notable features of the land include a six-foot deep pond, several acres of open pasture, and the highest point for 16 miles, a 60-foot silo. It is home to a single family of four, which constitutes the entirety of its permanent population. The government has taken several forms over the years, the current system being a stratocracy which is run by the Papacy. It was the principle state of the NottaLottan Empire, which lasted from July 15, 2011 until May 29, 2013. The micronation was eventually annexed into the Grand Republic of Delvera on 1 September 2016 after the success of Operation Vicuna.


The government of NottaLotta Acres was directed by Pope Pompous the Last. Pope Pompous declared himself the head of state in 2009, and was in ultimate command of the military and the government, appointing persons to fulfill administrative positions as he saw fit, including the two departments of government.

Department of State

The Department of State was the NottaLottan department responsible for international relations of NottaLotta Acres, equivalent to the foreign ministries of other countries. The Department was created on May 28th, 2011 as a replacement for the defunct High Office of Legal Intercession & Cabinet.

The Department operated the diplomatic missions of NottaLotta Acres abroad and is responsible for implementing the foreign policies of NottaLotta Acres and NottaLottan diplomatic efforts.

The Department was led by the Secretary of State, who was appointed by the Pope. This post was finally filled by the Pope himself. The Secretary of State was the first official in the order of precedence and in the Papal line of succession.


On August 17th, 2006, the oligarchical family purchased ten square acres of a privately owned tract of land in Kansas, which it then settled and declared it sovereign territory. This remained the sole, territorial home of NottaLotta Acres, and was therefore the object of all governmental business. In 2009, a small pond a short distance away was discovered to be an exclave of NottaLotta Acres, and was promptly annexed.
NottaLotta Acres as seen from the air. The American state of Kansas lies without the borders of NottaLotta Acres.

Foreign Policy

NottaLotta Acres' foreign policy, through the functions of its deliberative and executive body, the Holi C, was one of interventionism and intermicronational involvement. This policy culminated in NLA creating and heading the Allied Carolinian Coalition during the Austenasian Civil War, and various similar endeavors and organizations such as the Aegis Alliance. Following the defeat of Carolinian forces in April of 2010, the interventionist policies were reviewed and replaced with ever increasing non-interventionism, which, after the downfall of the NottaLottan Empire in its second year in 2013, eventually led to the isolationist period - years of solely internal activity and withdrawal from the intermicronational community. Even the official website was taken down. This period ended in June of 2016 with a trade agreement with the Grand Republic of Delvera.

Recognized Micronations


NottaLottan Military Roundel
NottaLotta Acres provided its citizenry the protection of a military, the Army, whose stated purpose was, "... for the repelling of invasion and suppression of rebellion." The Army was specifically geared for land-only missions, and it was equipped with surface-to-air and surface-to-surface missile capabilities and technology, as well as general firearms. NottaLottans previously kept a navy, but it was abolished due to inactivity.

Conscription was allowed by the Constitution, but only in the event of a lack of personnel within the military so that operations are hindered; however, no person was to serve in the military against their own free will.


NottaLottan Army Flag

The NottaLottan Army was comprised of infantry, artillery, and armored vehicles; with three personnel permanently holding these positions, it is the main defense force of the nation. Armed with lethal, less than lethal, and non-lethal weaponry, training exercises and actual deployment require the Army to be constantly standing, with the Adjutant General presiding.

While many of the details about the NLA Army were considered classified, it had been publicly stated that the NLA Army accepted ammunition mostly in .177 caliber, as well as shotgun ammunition in 12, 20, and 410 gauges.

Deployments mainly consisted of lethal force against predator infestations, a veritable plague to NottaLotta Acres.