Northern Irish Soviet Socialist Republic

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Northern Irish Soviet Socialist Republic
NISSR flag.png
NISSR emblem.jpg
State Emblem

"Worker's of the World, unite!"
Capital cityBelfast (de jure)
Newtownabbey (de facto)
Largest cityBelfast
Official language(s)English
Official religion(s)Secular state
Northern Irish
GovernmentUnitary Marxist-Leninist one party Soviet socialist republic
- Party Chairman and PremierSean Dagda
LegislatureSupreme Soviet
Established20th August 2020
Area claimed14,130 km² (de jure)
Population1,810,863 (de jure), 1 (de facto)
Time zoneUTC

The Northern Irish Soviet Socialist Republic or NISSR is a micronation located in Northern Ireland, the nation was founded by three people, the 'Collective Leadership', most notable being Chairman Sean Dagda. In early November 2020, Seán Dagda decided to turn the NISSR into a one -person nation.

The NISSR was created to join a reformed version of the USSR, with multiple micronations, at the time it's Political and Proletarian Vanguard Political Party the Communist Party of Northern Ireland was a micronational political party without a nation.


The Communist Party of Northern Ireland helped create a Committee on the Restoration of the USSR, whenever the Committee decided to reform the All-Union Communist Party (bolsheviks) the Proloterian Liberation Army took over a small part of Northern Ireland and declared it to be the Liberated Territory of the Northern Irish Soviet Socialist Republic.

A meeting of the two-person Supreme Soviet was held where they adopted 12 decrees in preparation of a Constitution being drafted, unfortunately, one of the members left and it's only member Sean Dagda was left to run the entire micronation in preparation of the X events, the Second Plenum of the Central Committee of the All-Union Communist Party (bolsheviks, the Congress of the All-Union Communist Party, the Congress of the Communist Party of Northern Ireland, the Second Supreme Soviet of the NISSR and the Fourteenth Convocation of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR which recently was made harder with Sean becoming General Secretary of the Central Committee of the All-Union Communist Party (bolsheviks)>

National Symbols

The national flag of the NISSR.

The national emblem of the NISSR.

The State Flag of the NISSR was created by Sean Dagda and approved by the Decree on National Symbols, it is based on the Flag of the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic while replacing the Blue ribbon with two green and orange ribbons representing the Workers of Catholic and Protestant backgrounds and replacing the 1950s hammer and sickle with the 1936 hammer and sickle.

The State Emblem of the NISSR was created by former micronationalist Comrade Jared and it doesn't have any explicit meaning.


The NISSR has a very geeky culture combined with Marxism, Sci-Fi and other Pop Culture are very prevalent in the Liberated Zone, such as Doctor Who, Star Wars etc.

Politics and Government

The NISSR functions as the One-Party Socialist Republic, whilst having one party the NISSR is very democratic and the institution of democratic centralism is firmly established. The Legislative Branch is made up of the Supreme Soviet which makes laws, Executive Power is vested in a Council of People's Commissars a sub-body of the Supreme Soviet, a judicial branch is yet to be founded. The Communist Party of Northern Ireland is the political vanguard of the NISSR and as such has influence over the Government, influence that it rarely uses. Sean Dagda can be viewed as a kind of Paramount Leader overseeing the branches and the party.

Forgien Policy

The NISSR is very active in commenting on the actions taken by foreign micro and macro governments.