Northern Commonwealth of Misberia

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Northern Commonwealth of Misberia (eng)
Commonwealth du Nord de Misberia (fre)
Nipayapon Mawessu Wapolessu Kulon (pm)

Misberian Flag.pngMisberian COA.png

Misberian Values Above All
Road to War
Capital cityAcadia
Largest cityAbreum-Regusium(by land area)
Kosmoplita(by population)
Official language(s)English (de facto, unofficial)
Official religion(s)Christianity
GovernmentAbsolute Monarchy
- SakomArchie I
- Witapal of MisberiaLouis
LegislatureRoyal Council of Polaris
Established1 November 2021
Area claimed~31 km
CurrencyLygonian Yen
Time zoneUTC -4:30
National animalWhite Tailed Deer
Patron saintSt. Francis of Assisi


The Northern Commonwealth of Misberia is the reformed geopolitical organization of governing member states relating and or connected to the Principality of Misberia through an act or ruling. It is comprised of four member states, one of which is a dominion, one overseas territory, and one that is an observer state.

It was originally formed by Archie Birch with the First Royal Council's approval. They decided that, in favor of promoting positive public relations, they would take a new approach for the newly established United Kingdoms of Misberia and Caloudonum. It later became defunct on 15 March 2020. In issuing of the new lands of Duchy of Abreum-Regusium, the Sakom of Misberia, Archie Birch decided to restart the Empire with revamps through an act, which has not yet been published to the public.

Member States

Member Status Country Flag Coat of Arms Name
Dominion Principality of Misberia Misberia Flag.png HIM Sakom Archie I
Overseas Territory Duchy of Abreum-Regusium Flag of Abreum-Regusium.png COA of Abreum-Regusium.png HRH Duchess of Abreum-Regusium Louis
Observer Free State of Uris Uris Flag Updated.png COA Uris Updated.png Rt Honorable Archie Birch
Observer Noble and Sovereign Order of Machias Grand Commander Louis

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