North Amerikan Societalist Union

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North Amerikan Societalist Union

Omni in Uno
Eastern USA
Capital cityImperostat
Largest cityImperostat
Official language(s)Laten Creole, Emglish
Official religion(s)No Official Religion
- PremierMangano
Established2 January 2010
CurrencyUSN Dollar
Time zoneEST
National drinkVodka
National animalTiger
Patron saintThor

The NASU is a nation founded on its leader's ideal government which he calls Societalism. The NASU was founded on the 1st of Feb. 2010 by Head of state Mangano, and is the founding member of the USN (Union of Societalist Nations). The Head of State is also usually known as the Premier.


The NASU was formed when Premier Mangano decided that the USA needed a huge change because of poverty and other situations. Mangano has always been inspired by Lenin and Marx but also loves personal freedom for his people, after seeing the desperation of the American people he created the NASU.


The economy and all means of production are controlled by the Societalist party. The Nation is not a free market economy. The main goal of the command economy used is to make a classless state where racism and discrimination are abolished regardless of sex, race or religion. The government has abolished wages in order to make the truly classless state, where even the Premier is paid an equal amount to that of a carpenter.


Military service is mandatory for all people over 18 years of age but only until they are of 50 years of age. People only have to serve 60 days out of the year if they have employment if they are unemployed then u must be a full-time soldier until you find employment unless you volunteer to be a full-time soldier.