North American Commonwealth

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North American Commonwealth

Never Gonna Give You Up
Capital cityCaddia City
Largest cityCaddia City
Official language(s)English (working language), Hebrew (symbolic)
Short nameNAC
GovernmentSemi-presidential parliamentary republican commonwealth
- PresidentAnna Telford of Caddia
- Prime MinisterLuke Warren of Nottingham
LegislatureNorth American Combined Legislative Council
- Upper HouseCouncil of the Commonwealth
- Lower HouseNational Assembly
- Type - Bicameral
- Number of seats - Depends
Established1st April, 2020
Area claimed3 Acres (Caddia)
Population50 (April 6th)
CurrencyUnited States dollar ($) (USD)
Time zone

The North American Commonwealth is a union of nations in North America. The Commonwealth was founded on April 1st. The National Assembly consists of representatives from each member nation. The upper house of the legislature is the council of the commonwealth consisting of the heads of state and government from each nation.

The Government of the commonwealth has responsibility for the defense and diplomacy, also has nominal finance responsibilities of the member states.


The Commonwealth was founded on April 1st. Caddia was the First Nation state to join followed by Nottingham and Rovaria.

The first presidential election took place on April 6th, full results:

Anna Telford-Commonwealth Freedom Union- 8 votes, or 75.6%

Luke Warren-People's Party-4 votes, or 25.4%

On April 7th, the Constitution was completed and ratified.

On April 12th, The Combined Legislative Council condemned the Anti-Degeneracy Act as homophobic and a violation of Human Rights.

The Commonwealth took part in the Ringston Revolution against Elysium, and became the first nation to recognize it.


The Commonwealth Government consists of a bicameral legislature, the Combined Legislative Council, which consists of the National Assembly-lower house and consists of single member electoral districts in each member states, and the Council of the Commonwealth-upper house and consists of the Heads of Government and Heads of State of each nation, plus one member elected by each nation-large. The President of the Commonwealth is Anna Telford, the President acts as the Chief Executive and serves 8-month terms, Luke Warren became Prime Minister on April 11th after the Council of the Commonwealth voted to appoint him. The Coalition of Liberals and Socialists, led by Luke Warren and Leon Montan currently holds a plurality of National Assembly seats.


The Commonwealth is a member of the Cupertino Alliance and has foreign affairs with Cycoldia, Tipidia, Bepistan, etc. The Minister of Foreign Affairs is Luke Warren. The Commonwealth is moderately well-known, as nations such as Caddia are members of the Commonwealth.