North-Green Party of Misberia

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North-Green Party of Misberia
Punkik-Skipoqotte 'toqitehe
ChairpersonArchie Birch
Party LeaderLouis
Party PresidentVacant
Slogan"Community and Progress"
Founded2 September 2021
NewspaperThe Communitarian
Membership  (2021)2


Political positionLeft-wing to far-left
National affiliationMisberia
Official colors     Green
Executive Positions
1 / 1
1 / 4
Election symbol
Communitarian Arborism Logo.png

The North-Green Party of Misberia, more commonly referred to as the North-Greens, is a far-left political party in the, Principality of Misberia that has been described as an alliance of Communitarian, Isolationist and Environmental policies and ideologies.

The party was founded in 2021, following the creation of the Principality of Misberia and the announcement the Marine Labor Movement was remodeling itself to be more inline with Adonian Socialism

Name and Symbols

The name North-Green was chosen because of the party's location in Maine with a rich maritime history, and the party's main policies towards environmentalism.

The Party has always used the colors Green and White to represent itself, the tradition socialist colors. It’s been stated that Green represents the party's support for the Environment and the White representing the justice and safety of the workers.

Structure and Party Government

For much of the year, the power of the North-Green Party is done through the North-Green Caucus with one representative from each Canton making the laws for the region with the Chief Executive leading the region and the North-Green Caucus and a speaker being appointed to assist in the leading of the region.

Major Executives
Person Experience Office
Archie Birch Sakom of Misberia
Founder of Misberia Chairmen
Louis 8th Witapal of Misberia
8th Witapal of Misberia Party Leader
Vacant Vacant Party President

Ideology & Policies

The North-Green Party of Misberia follows Communitarian Arborism and it includes a variety of schools of thought which include a wide arrange of policies, and is widely seen as a leftist ideology. The thought of the ideology looks more at how the culture and community of a group of people functions and how such can maintain itself with the lack of a common meeting place or personal interaction. Communitarian Arborism takes some inspiration from the Singaporean People's Action Party and Singaporean communitarianism.

Domestic Policies

The North-Green Party covers a large variety of polices on economic, political, and social reform. The party is domestically a left wing economic party and socially libertarian.

Policy Name Proposed by Type Description Regional/Federal Status
Unannounced Unannounced Unannounced Unannounced Unannounced Unannounced