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Claim of Autocratic States of Klaise
Looking north from Nordchan towards Auklicul
Founded8th August 2015
Area2.1 square miles
GovernmentAutocracy of Klaise
AutocratDeilweid Schandleire

Nordchan is a state in northern Klaise. The state is located directly north from populated Klaise in the wilderness of Appalachia. It is on a ridge, and goes into a valley where the border is on the Nordstrom River. The capitol of Nordchan is Vincememe, which is on the river at the main crossing point to Auklicul.


Nordchan has no residents, but has temporary campers, hunters, and such come in.


Express 7 comes through Nordchan from Geoxe. The road isn't an actual road, but more of an undefined forest trail. There is no defined path of the road but a trampled leaf path and signs. The road goes down a very steep valley and goes north to Vincememe, then goes up a less steep valley to Auklicul. There are two main roads in Nordchan that are actual roads. There is a trail from Dertyr to Winston, which is where the valley trail is to the valley floor, and a trail from Vincememe to Ichabodopolis.


  • Vincememe, the capitol
  • Ichabodopolis, the former capitol
  • Dertyr
  • Winston

All the cities in Nordchan are only flat areas with minimal buildings, and camp areas.