Noble and Sovereign Order of Machias

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Noble and Sovereign Order of Machias
NSOM Flag.png
Motto: May the Tree Guide Us
Official languagesEnglish, Latin, French, German, Spanish and Misberian
• Grand Master of the Order
Archie Birch
• Grand Commander of the Order
Thomas Bainbridge
NSOM Lounge
Charity Organization
• NSOM Foundation
June 19th 2020
• 2020 estimate
Patron saintOur Lady, Star of the Sea


This organization was created with the intent to spread positivity, help others in the micronational community and be a place for those of high personal standing with those in the Order to be recognized and be allowed to join this noble cause. This Order, while one for a Noble cause, is also a Private Club within Grand Duchy of Misberia and those connected to The Grand Duke Archie Birch



The Order shall be one of non territorial standing and requires none of its members to give up land or their national sovereignty for joining. The Order shall be based in Machias, Maine where the Misberian Capital of New Machias is located.


The current Grand Master and Grand Commander of the Order are Archie Birch and Thomas Bainbridge. These positions are elected every six months on the 15th of June and December.


Those who wish to join must be nominated by a current member and receive 80 percent of the vote by the other members.


Those who are members are considered Knights of the Noble and Sovereign Order of Machias. Based on the time a member has been part of the Order can they proclaim a higher class within the Order. New members are considered Third Class Knights, Six months or more are considered Second Class Knights and those in the Order of over a year are considered First Class Knights. Second Class Knights and above can run for the Grand Master or Grand Commander positions. All Knights of the Order are able to create a flag to represent them during Order events with the only requirement being that it must contain the Gold Pine Tree of Machias. Other honors and decorations can be given out by the Order if deemed suitable.

Current Members

Name NSOM Flag Nation Knight Class Joined
Archie Birch AB NSOM Flag.png Grand Duchy of Misberia First Class June 19th 2020
Thomas Bainbridge Kingdom of Hrafnarfjall Second Class June 19th 2020
Brandon Mierzwa Grand Kingdom of Matachewan Third Class June 19th 2020
Luis Marcel Luis NSOM Flag.png Reino de Atlia Third Class June 19th 2020
Anthony Birch Antonia Empire Third Class June 19th 2020
Zar Antanov Obscurium Third Class June 19th 2020
Chloe Republic of Gaia Third Class June 19th 2020
Zanti Grand Duchy of Misberia Third Class June 19th 2020
Zarel Smith Principality of New Eiffel Third Class June 19th 2020
Maria Birch Maria NSOM Flag.png Grand Duchy of Misberia Third Class July 12th 2020


Name Date Link
Foundation Charter of NSOM June 19th 2020