No. 43 Squadron RTAF

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No. 43 Squadron
Gliding Summer Course Badge.png
Active April 2018 - March 2019
March 2019 - August 2019
September 2019 – Present
Country  Kingdom of Tarvit
Branch Tarvitian Air Force Ensign.png Tarvitian Air Force
Motto(s) "Gloria Finis" (Latin: "Glory is the End")
Nickname(s) "The Fighting Cocks"
Battle Honours South Mcarthia (2019), Afrax Value Intervention (2019)
Current Engagements Re-purposing for Gliding Operations
OC No. 43 Squadron RTAF Gp Capt. Keenan Carr
General information
Headquarters Headquarters Tarvitian Air Command, Tyatsy'
Colours RTAF 43sqn.png
Gliders Schleicher ASK 21
SZD-51 Junior
Bases of Operations
Main Base RTAF Bishop Hill
Forward Operating Location RAF Kirknewton
Squadron Badge A Gamecock

No. 43 Squadron RTAF is the primary training squadron of the Tarvitian Air Force for the Kingdom of Tarvit. Operating from Portmoak Airfield in Perth & Kinross on the eastern side of Loch Leven, the squadron operates gliders of the Scottish Gliding Union Gliding Club. They operate both Dual and Single seat aircraft, most often the Schleicher ASK 21 for training and the SZD-51 Junior single seat glider for pilot development.


Formed at Glenrothes Model Flying Club as part of the Neuki Air Force (Kingdom of Neuk), the Squadron was the first of the Neuki Military. At the order of Rex. Keenan Carr, the squadron was to become the flag-bearer of the Neuki Armed Forces. The squadron number, emblem and colours are adopted from and are in tribute to No. 43 Squadron RAF that disbanded in July 2009 at Royal Air Force Leuchars.

Neuki Peace Era (Early 2018)

As the Kingdom of Neuk was mostly involved in non-military disputes, the squadron took an almost exclusively ceremonial role whilst also accommodating the training of pilots on the Seagull Boomerang Mk. 2 light model aircraft. The unit comprised the bulk of the Neuki Military hosting personnel of the Army within it's numbers.