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Nikopolis (Greek:Νικοπολις),is a St Christophorian town, and capital of the Protectorate of New Aggelokastro.


Nikopolis derives its name from the brother of President Triantafyllos, Nikolaos Triantafyllos.


Nikopolis was declared capital of New Aggelokastro on 3 Febuary 2017. Its first Municipal Secretary was Cpt. Maria Triantafyllou.


Nikopolis,is one of the smaller towns of Saint Christopher,yet with many sights.It consists of the Governor's House,Heroes Square,Heroes Street,Heroes Park and Cafe/Grocery shop "Serifos".There's also a small hut at Heroes Park,that is used temporarily by the St Christophorian Army as an operation base.It is also one of the most populated towns with 4 active citizens.