Nievenorte general election, May 2020

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Nievenorte general election, May 2020
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4 seats
  First party Second party Third party
  Screenshot 26.jpg Falešník-provisional.jpeg
Leader Zabëlle Skye Jayden Lycon Tomáš Falešník
Party Conservative Posaf-Green NDP
Popular vote 7 5 5
Percentage 24.13% 17.24% 17.24%

  Fourth party Fifth party Sixth party
  UPON.jpg 20190720 125202 (1).jpg UPON.jpg
Leader Simon Reeve Austin Jaax John Qiu
Party Independent Posaf-Green Independent
Popular vote 5 4 3
Percentage 17.24% 13.79% 10.34%

Premier before election

Tomáš Falešník

Premier after election

Zabëlle Skye

The Nievenorte general election, May 2020 (formally the 1st Nievenorte general election) will take place from the 3rd to the 12th of May 2020, as per Bill II passed in the Nievenorte General Assembly. The campaigning period is set to take place for 2 weeks before the opening of polls on the 20th of April. This election will decide the council and Premier in an at-large contested race.


The Nievenorte elections fall in line with the Posafian federal elections of May 2020, the second elections to take place in 2020, traditionally starting on the second of the month as Founders Day is, and ending on 12 May 2020. Elections to the Kadelieort are possibly up to eleven seats adding another in the Foreign Sector. Local elections will be occurring documented in this election in Nievenorte, Essex and Squamily along with the first-ever election in Asiata.