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His Eminence the Right Hon.
Nicolas Wiedemann
Official portrait
1st Chancellor of Excelsior
Assumed office
28 August 2020
President Silas W.
Vice Chancellor Gus H.
Joshua Schnurman
Predecessor office established
Minority Whip of the National Congress of Georgienstine
Assumed office
3 January 2022
Deputy Whip Renzo Wessels
Predecessor Benjamin Pickles
Vice President of Vitione
Assumed office
25 April 2022
President Joshua Schnurman
Predecessor Office established
Successor Incumbent
Acting Government Leader of Kraitia
Assumed office
28 March 2022
Minister of State Benjamin Pickles
Predecessor office established
Speaker of the House of Representatives of Neptunia
In office
6 March 2022 - April 2022
President Addison Dillon
Predecessor office established (presumed)
Successor Office dissolved
First Minister of Avalonium
Assumed office
23 March 2022
Sovereign-General Logan White
Predecessor office established
Gaplan Representative for Elemental's 5th District
Assumed office
3 October 2021
President of the DRCOW
In office
6 April 2019 - 14 May 2019
Predecessor office established
Successor office abolished
Personal information
Born 2008
New York,  United States
Birth name Nicolas Wiedemann
Citizenship  Excelsior
 Aerican Empire
 United States
Nationality American
Relations HRM Queen Finn (sister), Leo Wiedemann (Brother)
Residence Grandsia
Religion Atheist, Schnurmanism (ironically)
Nickname(s) Nico
Nicolas W.

Nicolas Wiedemann, also known as Nicolas W., Nico or the Viscount Wiedemann, is an American micronationalist, politician, and student who has served as Chancellor of Excelsior since 2020. Beginning his career in the micronational world in 2019 as President of the DCROW, his first micronation which he has called "an embarrassment", he was elected Chancellor of the Terra Excelsior Republic on 28 August 2020 and is recognized as one of the nation's two founders. Wiedemann has also held many other offices in multiple micronations, including serving as the Minority Whip of Georgienstine, the Government Leader of Kraitia, First Minister of Avalonium, and the Vice President of Vitione. He is federally recognized as a "founding father" of Vitione and has participated in the establishment of multiple other micronations. Wiedemann was Re-elected Chancellor of Excelsior on 8 May 2022.

Wiedemann is most active in Excelsior, which he founded, and Georgienstine, which he entered in November of 2021. Wiedemann is Chair of the Excelsioran Worker's Party and has historically been the leader of the opposition to President Silas Wurnbash, although in recent months he has drifted closer to Wurnbash and has acted as a leader if neutrality in Excelsioran politics. Wiedemann was elected Chancellor of Excelsior on 28 August 2020 and has served since, and is currently contesting his reelection in the 2022 Excelsioran Federal Elections. Wiedemann is the creator of the Excelsioran April reforms and has been credited as the leading figure in Excelsioran diplomacy and foreign affairs, and is known for his close connections to the Federated States of Gapla. Wiedemann serves as Marshall of the Air Force of Excelsior and was awarded the Excelsioran Trimedal, the nation's highest honor, in 2022.

Wiedemann is the founder of the New Libertasian Anarchist Republic and is currently fighting in the Libertasian Civil War.

Wiedemann serves as Minority Whip of the National Congress of Georgienstine and the Secretary of the Treasury under President Raphaël Olivier. A close ally of Benjamin Pickles, he has gained influence as a new, leftist politician despite being new to the Georgienstinian political stage. He has declined to run for President of Georgienstine when asked about a possible campaign by incumbent President Raphaël Olivier. On 30 January 2022 he was nominated by Raphaël Olivier to serve as Secretary of the Treasury, and assumed office 1 March. He is also the co-spokesperson and member of the national council of the Popular Unity Party. He was named Benjamin Pickles' running mate in the 2022 Georgienstinian presidential election as his nominee for Vice President on 12 April.

Wiedemann's politics are far-left, and he identifies as a socialist, cantonalist, Bookchin communalist, feminist, progressive, anti-imperialist, and environmentalist. He campaigned for the Democratic Party of the United States in the 2020 Presidential Election and is a registered member of the Democratic Socialists of America.

Early life

Wiedemann was born in New York City in early 2008. He grew up, and still currently resides in Windsor Terrace, Brooklyn, at the Capitol Palace. Before entering micronationalism, he was the leader of multiple school-based charity organizations, raising money for the American Red Cross and UNICEF. He was also an amateur cartographer and enjoyed studying epidemiology and politics.

Micronational career

Democratic Children's Republic

Wiedemann began his micronational career in April 2020, after reading a book about micronationalism. He founded the Democratic Children's Republic, better known as the DCROW, which was an oligarchy. The nation was dissolved after just 32 days on May 7 due to internal conflict. Wiedemann says that the nation was "an embarrassment" and that he did not understand micronationalism when he founded it.

Wiedemann on a diplomatic mission at the Great Sand Dunes National Park.

Excelsior Republic

Wiedemann founded his second micronation, the United Federation of the Terra Excelsior Republic, on 27 August 2020 with longtime friend Silas Wurnbash. The nation's first Chancellor, Wiedemann has been recognized as a popular, non-controversial politician who today enjoys support from both ends of the political spectrum in Excelsior. Wiedemann is the author of the Constitution of Excelsior and the Excelsioran Regulatory Code.

Connections with Gapla

Wiedemann has long been supportive of the Federated States of Gapla, as relation with Gapla has been a political issue within Excelsior since founding. Wiedemann is a friend of Wyatt Seungri Baek, the Crown Prince of Gapla, and currently serves as a member of the Gaplan Reformation Council. Wiedemann was inspired by "Gapla: A Nation Made By Children", Baek's book, to found Excelsior, and thus has been supportive of Gaplan relations and has opposed all attempts at conflict with Gapla, usually by Silas Wurnbash. The public opinion towards Gapla in Excelsior has historically been negative, and this position of Wiedemann's has been criticized by Wurnbash and his Democratic Party. Despite his support for Gapla, Wiedemann spearheaded the move to mutually break bonds with Gapla, to ensure war did not break out between the two nations. Today, Wiedemann is active in Gapla and still supports it micronationally.


Wiedemann's Chancellorship has seen Excelsior from its founding to the present day, and has been turbulent, with multiple crises and wars. Wiedemann's Chancellorship can be characterized by its frequent and sweeping reforms, support for Gapla, opposition to corruption, and its establishment as a neutralizing force on Excelsioran politics. As Chancellor, Wiedemann is responsible for the Gaplan Treaty, as well as most of Excelsior's current signed treaties, the Judicial Reorganization, The States and Governor's Act, which established the position of Premier-General, and the April reforms, which made Excelsior a Federation. Wiedemann has spent most of his time as Chancellor on mundane tasks to keep the government operational, such as censuses, recordkeeping, facilitating and regulating government, and introducing general reform motions to the Senate. Wiedemann has also been known for his budget surpluses which have put over 400 dollars USD in the Excelsioran treasury, and his work on Excelsioran culture and online presence. Wiedemann's government is also commonly reshuffled or reformed internally, and is known for its close connections to the Presidential branch of the government. In the present day, Wiedemann's government has taken a more neutral stance in Excelsioran politics and has expressed more support for President Silas Wurnbash, whereas at the beginning of Wiedemann's term he was in staunch opposition to Wurnbash. Wiedemann was Re-elected Chancellor on 8 May 2022.

Relationship with Silas Wurnbash

Wiedemann is close personal friends with Excelsioran President Silas Wurnbash, which has led to intense political disputes as well as deals with Wurnbash. During the start of his first term, Wiedemann opposed Wurnbash and his administration, and most politics centered around either support of Wiedemann, who led the socialist and pacifist left opposition, or Wurnbash, with a militarist capitalist stance. In more recent months this feud has ended and Wurnbash and Wiedemann have now become political allies, with the Democratic Party and Worker's Party even form ing the National Unity Coalition. Despite his early opposition to Wurnbash, however, Wiedemann has always endorsed him for the Presidency, as he has stated that "Excelsior without Silas would easily collapse in a matter of weeks".


Wiedemann is also active in the regional politics of the Townsville Special Administrative Region, as a resident of the region and Deputy Mayor. In March 2022 Wiedemann signed an Executive ordering upgrading Townsville from a territory to a SAER.

Reign as Co-Prince

As the sister of Queen Finny I, Wiedemann was briefly made Co-Prince of Excelsior, an office he shared with Silas Wurnbash, as Wurnbash's cousin was named Crown Princess by the government. After the January monarchy reforms of 2021, both abdicated.

Federated States of Gapla

Wiedemann became a citizen of Gapla on 26 August 2021, and has been known for his close Gaplan connections. In late September 2021, he was elected to the Gaplan Chamber of Representatives. He is the only Socialist Party representative in the nation's Chamber of Represenatives, and is regarded as a far-left fringe politician in the overwhelmingly centre to centre-right political climate within Gapla. He has also assisted in the revival of the Socialist Party, once again securing it as an influential Gaplan Party. He supported and endorsed Gaplan politician Chelsea Chen for President .

In February 2022, he created the Democratic Revolution Party of Gapla, a far-left radical party committed to completely changing the Gaplan societal and government system.

He has designed multiple symbols for the Government of Gapla, including the coat of arms of Gapla.

Former President Wyatt Seungri Baek gave Wiedemann the Order of the House of Baek and made him a Baron of Gapla in 2021. He was appointed to the Gaplan Reformation Council in April.

Social Republic of Georgienstine

In November 2021, he became a citizen of the Social Republic of Georgienstine, and in November was placed eighth on the New Progressive Party's congressional joint list with the Federalist Party for the December 2021 Georgienstinian congressional election. He also founded the Infobattle but better media group. He has also declined to run for President of Georgienstine when asked about a possible campaign by incumbent President Raphaël Olivier. On December 4, 2021, he was elected to the National Congress of Georgienstine.

Wiedemann has been described as a "close Pickles ally", in reference to Benjamin Pickles, and a "rising star in the NPP" by the GNC, as he was a member of the New Progressive Party. He has refused to join any campaign staffs for the 2022 Georgienstinian presidential election, and has said that he will not be endorsing any of the current candidates. When elected, he stated one of his priorities was to repeal the Georgienstinian DOMA as a representative. On December 5, 2021, on his first day as a representative, he proposed the "Marriage Equality Act" which would repeal the DOMA. He later proposed a more modified version, the Second Marriage Equality Act. Both acts failed in Congress. In January, after the departure of May Junkin from Georgienstine, he was elected Minority whip to replace Benjamin Pickles, who was elected Minority Leader. He later dissolved IBB Media and created The Times of Georgienstine, a left-leaning media group focused on news and polling.

Wiedemann helped campaign for Vision Georgienstine in the January 2022 Georgienstinian congressional election and was placed 3rd on the Vision Georgienstine Congressional list. On 30 January 2022 President of Georgienstine Raphaël Olivier announced Wiedemann as his nominee for Secretary of the Treasury, citing shared beliefs on micronational economics despite highly different views on macronational economics, and bipartisanship, after a thorough selection process. Tom Mark also publicly endorsed Wiedemann for the position, as well as Benjamin Pickles. Isaiah Burdette criticized the pick, calling Wiedemann a "deep state pickle" and claiming Olivier had not done enough to stop the "Deep State Pickles". Andrew Perdomo also criticized the nomination, citing Wiedemann being a socialist, as GF, Olivier's Party , is a right-wing party, and saying there were "better options".

He assumed office as Treasury Secretary 1 March.

On 3 February 2022 he was re-elected Minority Whip of the National Congress. He was also appointed co-spokesperson of Popular Unity after the New Progressive Party was reformed.

After an unsuccessful campaign for Governor of Augustine, he was made Lieutenant-Governor by Governor Andrew Perdomo.

Wiedemann was named Benjamin Pickles' running mate in the 2022 Georgienstinian presidential election as the presumptive nominee for Vice President for Popular Unity on 12 April. During May of 2022, while Pickles was occupied and was not active in Georgienstine as often, Wiedemann acted as the leader of the opposition, campaigning for Vision Georgienstine and holding press conferences and a town hall. Wiedemann was also made Secretary of the Economy after the passage of the Cabinet Restructuring Amendment.


Wiedemann became a citizen of Benjastan in 2021. In November 2021, he launched his candidacy for President of Benjastan, running a pro-activity Benjastanian revival platform. His campaign was paused when Benjastan entered nationsleep.

Cotter Menaceland

Wiedemann became a citizen of the Socialist Republic of Cotter Menaceland on 18 January 2022, at its founding. He since has joined the Democratic Socialist Party of Cotter Menaceland Party and supported Connor Hetner in his bid for President of Cotter Menaceland. He wrote the presidential oath of office and administered it to President Connor Hetner at his inauguration on 3 March 2022. Shortly after, Wiedemann was appointed Minister of Foreign Affairs and was elected a Member of Parliament.


Wiedemann became a citizen of People's Republic of Neptunia on 23 February 2022. He contested his first elect for the House of Representatives in March and was elected 4 March. He pledged to support President Aimée Lefebvre's legislative agenda. On 5 March, he announced he would run for Speaker of the House. He was elected unopposed the next day. Wiedemann also served as House Leader of the Workers' Party of Neptunia. Wiedemann left Neptunia when it dissolved in March 2022.

Awards and Honors

Nicolas Wiedemann currently holds these Excelsioran awards:

  • The most honorable order of the rose
  • The high cross of her Royal Highness the Queen
  • Medal of honor
  • Medal of a Founder
  • Medal of Meritous service
  • Order of High Achievement
  • Medal of Diplomatic services
  • Ribbon of first diplomacy
  • Order of Aviation and Transportation
  • Ribbon of Gaplan-Excelsioran relations
  • Ribbon of military service
  • Grandsian Service medal
  • Negotiation citation
  • Victory Medal
  • Chancellor's medal of service

Foreign Honors


Wiedemann holds many citizenships, including:


  • United States of America
  • Federal Republic of Germany (Bundesrepublik Deutschland)
  • Federative Republic of Brazil (República Federativa do Brasil )


Wiedemann with Andrew Yang, former U.S. Presidential candidate, campaigning for Joe Biden on November 1st.

Personal life

Wiedemann resides in Brooklyn, New York, with his family. He is an atheist. His family is of Brazilian, German, Scottish, Italian, and Greek descent, and he has moderate fluency in Brazilian Portuguese. His personality type is INTP-A.

Wiedemann is interested in political science, aviation, epidemiology, chemistry, and surgery.

Offices held

Nation Office No. Term Status Honors
 Excelsior Federal Chancellor 1 28 August 2020 - Incumbent Incumbent
  • Trimedal
  • High Cross of the Queen
  • Medal for Government
  • Medal for Military
  • Medal for State
  • Legislator's Medal
  • Order of Merit
  • Order of Honor
  • Medal of a Founder
  • Negotiation Citation
 Excelsior Premier of Grandsia 1 28 August 2020 - Incumbent Incumbent
 Excelsior National Defense Advisor 1 2021 - Incumbent Incumbent
 Excelsior Marshall of the Air Force 2 2021 - Incumbent Incumbent
 Excelsior Ambassador to Gapla 1 15 January 2021 - 2022 Office dissolved
 Excelsior Delegate to the NMI 1 May 2021 - 2022 Office dissolved
Libertasian National Liberty Front.jpg New Libertas Commander 1 15 May 2022 - Incumbent Incumbent
  • Hero of the Revolution
 Gapla Member of the Reformation Council N/A 2022 - Incumbent Incumbent
  • Order of the House of Baek
  • Baron of Gapla
 Gapla Member of the Chamber of Representatives N/A 3 October 2021 - Incumbent Incumbent
 Gapla Baron of Gapla N/A 2021 - Incumbent Incumbent
 Georgienstine Minority Whip of the National Congress of Georgienstine No data 3 January 2022 - Incumbent Incumbent None
 Georgienstine Secretary of the Economy 1 1 March 2022 - Incumbent Incumbent
 Georgienstine Lieutenant Governor of Augustine No data 2022 - Incumbent Incumbent
Vitione flag.jpg Vitione Vice President 1 25 April - Incumbent Incumbent
  • Founding Father
Vitione flag.jpg Vitione Mayor of Gran Lago 1 2022 - Incumbent Incumbent
Cotter menaceland 597277.png Cotter Menaceland Minister of Foreign Affairs 1 2022 - Incumbent Incumbent None
Cotter menaceland 597277.png Cotter Menaceland Member of Parliament N/A 2022 - Incumbent Incumbent
High Definition Flag of the Kraitian Republic 2022.jpg Kraitia Government Leader 1 28 March 2022 - Incumbent Incumbent None
High Definition Flag of the Kraitian Republic 2022.jpg Kraitia Minister of Foreign Affairs 1 29 March 2022 - Incumbent Incumbent
Flag of the Democratic Republic of Avalonium.png Avalonium First Minister (Acting) 1 23 March 2022 - Incumbent Incumbent None
Flag of Neptunia new.png Neptunia Speaker of the House of Representatives 1 5 March 2022 - 2022 Office dissolved None
Flag of Neptunia new.png Neptunia Member of the House of Representatives N/A 4 March 2022 - 2022 Office dissolved
DCROWflag1.jpg DCROW Co-President 1* 6 April 2019 - 14 May 2019 Office dissolved None
DCROWflag1.jpg DCROW Chief Inquisitor 1 1 May 2019 - 14 May 2019 Office dissolved
 Barnland Viscount Wiedemann 1 2022 - Incumbent Incumbent


"Peace always prevails."

- in a speech founding the DSP.