Next Atovian parliamentary election

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Next Atovian parliamentary election

← 2020 April 2021 or before

All 3 seats in the House of Commons
2 seats needed for a majority
  Bainbridge bubble AV NDP.png CPA Logo Atovia.png Uberquie bubble AV LGM.png
Leader Thomas von Bainbridge Erich Thaller Newton von Uberquie
Leader since 21 August 2019 7 January 2019 4 October 2019
Leader's seat Theolonia Theolonia Theolonia
Last election 1 seat, 44.4% 1 seat, 22.2% Did not run

Incumbent Prime Minister

Thomas von Bainbridge

The next Atovian parliamentary election for the 4th Parliament is expected to be held in April 2021 at the latest.


Previous election

The April 2020 election was held following the agreement of the Chancellor and Prime Minister to call a snap election due to rampant inactivity of the members of Parliament. The result of the election was one seat each for the New Democrats, Conservatives, and Solidarity.

Following a controversial period of government forming, King Connor I selected Thomas von Bainbridge of the NDP as the Prime Minister of a minority NDP government.

Electoral system

Atovia uses the Single transferable vote for parliamentary elections. The House of Commons has 3 members, elected for a maximum one-year term; these seats are currently elected in a national at-large district.


The Basic Law and federal election law provide that parliamentary elections must be held at least every year. Therefore, the next election will take place before April 2021. The exact date will be determined by the Chancellor, Prime Minister, and Minister of Internal Affairs. Usually, a consecutive five-day period is chosen to allow for maximum voter turnout.


The table below lists parties currently represented in the 3rd Parliament.

Name Ideology Leader(s) Parliamentary
April 2020 result Seats in 3rd
Votes (%) Seats
NDP New Democratic Party
Neue Demokratische Partei
Social democracy Connor Stumperth
Thomas von Bainbridge
Thomas von Bainbridge 44.4%
1 / 3
1 / 3
CPA Conservative Party
Konservative Partei
Economic liberalism
Erich Thaller Vacant 22.2%
1 / 3
0 / 3
ASP Atovian Solidarity Party
Atovische Solidaritätspartei
Edward von Verraland Edward von Verraland 22.2%
1 / 3
0 / 3
LGM Left-Green Movement
Linksgrüne Bewegung
Social ecology Newton von Uberquie Newton von Uberquie N/A
0 / 3
2 / 3

Members of Parliament not standing for re-election




Opinion polls

Graphical summary


Polling Firm Date Sample Size NDP CPA ASP LGM NoTC Lead
Ministry of Internal Affairs 24-27 June 2020 5 60 20 0 20 0 40