Newlandic slang words/phrases

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These are all slang words and phrases used in the Newlandic language, spoken in The Empire of New Amsterdam.

Leddertrosenhete - Someone that possesses a fashion sense for leather trousers.

Damn Ryan! Your fashion sense is the definition of leddertrosenhete!

Originated from Great Renton, New Amsterdam

Natta - A newlandic native, someone that was "There before you."

I love my country!

Ummm, actually, it's MY country.

What are you talking about?

I'm a natta, I was here long before your country was founded.

Originated from Repenique, New Amsterdam

Fotzinkroft - An individual that acts completely unreasonable in any situation given.

Bryan is such a fotzinkroft, every time he doesn't get his way, he throws a tantrum.

Originated from Bugatnya, New Amsterdam

Whit - A derogatory term for a Gwingish person.

Sam is a whit.

Dude! You can't say that word!

Why not?

It's extremely offensive to Gwingish people!


Originated from Whewandvhereweulandiikweeplewitolwolvaywong, Smock Station

Fickerfacker - A person that desperately seeks a partner but fails miserably due to their incompetence.

Hey, have you heard of that new kid, Jess?

Yeah, why?

She's such a fickerfacker, I swear.

How come?

She wants to go out with John SO badly, she was even willing to miss her grandma's funeral so she could go on a date with him!

Cor blimey!

Originated from Bugatnya, New Amsterdam

Deffie - Someone that feels threatened when a person meets them for the first time/goes to their house.

Your baby cousin Jake is visiting today with Auntie Doris and Uncle Fred.

Oh mum! Do they have to come?

For godness sake Darren! You're such a deffie!

Originated from Smock Station, New Amsterdam

Wizzle - Nickname for a popular Newlandic dish, Wizecuken, that consists of a cup of tea and a ricecake.

What would you like for lunch, Tommy?

I'll have the good old wizzle please.

Originated from Smock Station, New Amsterdam

Mutherheilling - A blasphemous expression, usually combined with other swear words.

Holy mutherheilling crap!

Originated from Smock Station, New Amsterdam