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A New Year's Micronation is a micronation founded on New Year's Day. Unlike other public holidays, 1 January is arguably the date at which the largest number of micronations are founded, and as such the term became widely used.

A few well-known establishments on New Year's Day include the Kingdom of Lovely (2005), Colony of Iego (later succeeded by the Federated Republics of A1; 2010), the Empire of Loveland (2017), the State of Gradonia and the Jusin Republic (both 2018). And notably, at midnight EST on 1 January 2020, the Phoklandian Free State was formed as a merger between the Kingdom of Phokland and the Grand Duchy of Navārdia.

In contrast, a micronation founded on New Year's Eve is called a New Year's Eve Micronation, and a micronation founded on After New Year's Day is called a After New Year's Micronation

New Year's Micronations

Micronations formed on 1 January on various different years.

New Year's Eve Micronations

Micronations formed on 31 December on various different years.

After New Year's Micronation

Micronations formed on 2 January on various different years.

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