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The location of New Ukraine.
Gold: New Ukraine (general definition)
Orange stripes: New Ukraine Oblast

New Ukraine (Russian: Новая Украина Novaya Ukraina) is a general term used to describe a region located within eastern East Antarctica. Several enteties within the state and the Federated States use the term New Ukraine to describe the Russian and Slavic population within the country. One of the oblasts of East Antarctica is named New Ukraine. Governor Moore has stated that the region has the potential to become a separate state of the Federation at some point in the future.



The term New Ukraine was proposed by Governor Devon Moore in 12009, named after the Ukraine. The name is thought to come from the Russian word krai meaning "land" or "region" respectively. The name is both in honor of the Russian majority in the state, and to honor his Russian-speaking friends who have taught him to speak the language (who all are actually Ukrainian).

Moore stated he wanted to name the region after something involving Russian culture. One of the proposed ideas was naming the region "New Siberia," after Siberia. This was do to the fact that both regions are quite similar to each other (in the geographical sense). Moore decided not to use this name because New Siberia is already used within Russia. Another idea was to name the region "New Odessa" or "Little Odessa" (in honor of his mentor's hometown in the Ukraine).


The flag of New Ukraine

Though New Ukraine is not a state of the Federated States, the region does have a flag to represent it. The flag of New Ukraine is similar to how Siberia and the "South" have flags to represent the people but not a governing body.

The flag of New Ukraine originated from the flag of the Ukraine and some similarities to the flag of Green Ukraine (also called "New Ukraine"). The flag is a vertical tricolor flag made up of blue, green, and yellow. Blue can represent tradition and the old ways, while yellow represents the future and new ideals. Green represents the combination of past and future (both symbolically and literally).

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