Ehnesi Federation

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Ehnesi Confederation

Motto: Lycka till ala (Swedish: Happiness to all)
Anthem: "In New Scandinavia I do abide"
Location: Colchester, Essex
Capital city Lindum (ceremonial)

Fairfax-Norbury (legislative)

Largest city Lindum
Official language(s) English, Dutch, French, Korean, Malayalam, Swedish
Official religion(s) Christianity (non-denominational)
Short name New Scandinavia
Demonym New Scandinavian
Government Federal Executive Constitutional Parliamentary Monarchy
King Solomon II
- Prime Minister David Easterling
- Chancellor Matthew Thomas
Legislature Parliament
Established 14th September 2017
Area claimed <1km²
Population 29 (as of 2020 census)
Currency New Scandinavian Krone
Time zone UTC+0 (GMT)
National sport Goalball
National animal Peacock
Patron saint St. Francis, St Thomas
This nation is a member of the New Scandinavian Commonwealth
Website under construction

The Ehnesi Confederation, commonly referred to as Ehnes and sometimes styled to NS, is a New Nation Project, also known as a micronation, located in East Anglia, England. It was formed on the 18 September 2017, and is largely based around the town of Colchester, Essex, but has since expanded to include territory from Sweden, the Netherlands and Belgium. Despite a largely consistent population base, the Confederation has had a turbulent history, which can be divided into five federations and multiple interregnums. The current, most recent iteration of the project began of 1 March 2020, with the establishment of the Fourth Federation.


New Scandinavia was first conceived at a time when the 1st and current monarch, Solomon II, was exploring his Scandinavian heritage. He wanted the name to reflect this, and many of the other citizens admired the model of Scandinavia and the Nordic Countries. Therefore, the name "The Federated States of New Scandinavia" was chosen.

However, any form of Scandinavian influence was lost fairly quickly into the project, and there have been multiple attempts to change it, to more accurately reflect this. In April 2018, the name was officially changed to New Scandia, and some began using the term. But by this point, New Scandinavia had already been embedded in the nation, and as such the new name gradually fell out of use. Though no official legislation was passed to revert it (largely due to a bureaucratic legislative system) and in spite many proposals to change it once, New Scandinavia stayed as the commonly accepted name.

Due to its contentious history and fairly cumbersome length, most citizens refer to the country simply as "NS," as did many official documents.

When New Scandinavia returned during the St. David's Day Revival, more and more citizens began expressing displeasure with the name's conitued use. The Acting Government promised a vote on the issue On the 7th April 2020, when, as part of the 13th election cycle, a name and flag referendum was held. The alternative name, Ehnes, was chosen as it was a phonetic spelling of the initialism NS, the most commonly used name for the nation. The new name passed with 56% of the vote, and the Ehnesi Conederation officially came into being

The pre-title refers to the fact that Ehnes has a very federalised system as a group of aligned states (though the closeness of this has long been disputed; see History and Politics). Despite being a monarchy with a king as Head of State, "Confederation" is the official term.


1st Federation


In early autumn of 2017, King Solomon II began to become interested in Scandinavian culture and languages. With family living in Sweden, he began to prefer the way of life experienced in the Nordic countries than that of his own. Therefore in early September, he found the New Scandinavian Society - an organisation dedicated to the promotion of Scandinavian ideas in the UK. During this time, Solomon met Eustace Nyatt, who encouraged Marinus to found a nation on those ideals, and the concept of a New Scandinavian nation was born. Independently, David Easterling then discussed the concept of micronationalism, New Scandinavia, and another nation he was planning on founding, the somewhat tongue-in-cheek United Streamist Republic. Over the coming days, the state's concept was fleshed out. The Federated States of New Scandinavia was officially formed of the 14th September 2017. Very quickly the nation began to expand, with friends catching wind of the project and adding their own states, most notably Matthew Thomas, Kai Velez and Dominic Nay. By mid-September, New Scandinavia had essentially been diving into 6 different states: Peacoland, Conland, Esaland, Fairfax, and the tongue-in-cheek Cushonia, and Chez de Toilette.

2nd Federation

3rd Federation

4th Federation

Politics and government

The Monarchy

New Scandinavia functions as an Elective Executive Constitutional Monarchy. The Monarch, chosen by the citizenry will serve a life term, unless he/she chooses to abdicate.. They hold significant emergency powers, and can propose and suggest laws, however, these laws must go through the Parliament like any other bill. For the most part, however, the monarch is a largely ceremonial position, being the speaker of Parliament and the official symbol of the state. The current monarch is Solomon II, having ascended to the position since the foundation in 2017. According to the most recent census, the kings enjoys a 66.7% approval rating, and is the nation's chief musician, having made multiple albums


Ehnes runs as a semi-presidential system, with 2 main elected office. The Prime Minister, a position in place since Foundation, is the leader of the largest party in parliament, currently held by David Easterling, the fourth in that position. The position of Chancellor was created as part of the St. David's Day Revival in an attempt to create a more directly democratic office, and is elected as the same time as Parliament, through a simple poll of all the citizenry. The incumbent, and first Chancellor is Matthew Thomas. Elections are typically held once every 3 months, and citizens vote using the Alternative Vote method, ranking the candidates.


Much of New Scandinavian Politics can be defined as a struggle between Unionism and Confedralism. Most of the earliest parties in New Scandinavia were largely united in ideology, differing only in leadership. Gradually a factional divide emerged between those who wanted a more centralised government (known as Unionists) and those who wanted more power to the individual states (known in Separatism). Early governments took a moderate position on this, known as Fedralism, but with the advent of Radical Unionist Eustace Nyatt after the 2nd Interregnum (through which he ran the guerrilla SEP-NS, the nation became far more centralised. As a reaction to this the Separatist Party ReNew was formed by David Easterling, advocating for a 'EU-style' system, and an end to what was known as "Founders' Rights" - a perceived inequality between those who founded the nation and later members. The rivalry between Nyatt and Easterling caused greater polarisation in the political system, though neither held elected office - opting for the Moderate, Dominic Nay, and Matthew Thomas. After 2 years as the official opposition, Easterling was elected at the 6th Prime Minister. The debate seemed to die down after this, however, since the St. Davids' Day Revival, arguments have restarted over with the closeness of the Union, particularly over the use of 'confederation' as the official pre-title. The current Government takes the position of Confederalism, a more moderate form of Separatism, with opposition keeping with Radical Unionist tradition

Here is a table of notable former parties:

Party Ideology Spectrum Leader Party Existence As Government Notes
Socialist Party SP Socialism, Unionism Left Triumvirate, later Eustace Nyatt 17th April - 20th July 2018 17th April - 20th July 2018 Almost hegemonistic control over politics during its duration, winning landslides and widespread popularity, but party infighting caused it to splinter after a relatively short time in government.
ReNew RN Egalitarianism, Sepratism Left David Easterling 10th July 2018 - 1st August 2019 31st January - 1st August 2019 By far the longest running party in NS politics, but spent majority
People's Republic PR Direct Democracy, Big Tent Centre Matthew Thomas 20th September 2017 - 22nd February 2018 20th September 2017 - 22nd February 2018 Very Popular for nearly all of both the 1st and 2nd federation, but had very little in specific policy and idea
Socialist Equality Party - New Scandinavia SEP-NS Radical Unionism, Trotskyism Far-Left Eustace Nyatt 7th February 2018 - 17th April 2018 N/A While it existed for a short amount of time and never held office, the SEP-NS was incredibly influential in the formation of the 3rd Federation

Current Parties

Party Logo Ideology Spectrum Leader(s) Founded Seats in Parliament Notes
Citizen's Democratic Front CDF CDFlogo.png.png Market Socialism, Egalitariansim, Confederalism Left David Easterling, Matthew Thomas 7th March 2020
4 / 8
Land League LL NSLand League Logo.png Radical Unionism, Monarchism, Georgism, Pacifism Centre, Big Tent Eustace Nyatt 8th March 2020
3 / 8
Anti-Monarchist Party AMP NS Anti Monarchist Party AMP Logo.png Republicanism, Libertarianism, Pragmatism, Confedralism Centre-Left Leonard Ingh 24th March 2020
1 / 8


Name Flag Date of Formation Governors Form of Government Currency Languages Population Representative Notes
The Free City of Fairfax Fairfax flag.png 10th August 2016 Lord Mayor Eustace Nyatt Autocratic Hegemony Idimiri-Primordial Shekel English, Volapuk 1 Land League Currently under Idimiri suzerainity
Realm of Idimir (inc. Levi Free State) Idimir.png 11th March 2020 King Solomon II Rabbinic Kritarchy Idimiri-Primordial Shekel English, Yiddish, Hebrew 23 TBD Seat of the Capital of the nation
United Earldoms of Denalia Flag of Denalia.png 19th March 2020 High Sheriff David Easterling Elective Police State Denalian Crown English, Danish, Denalian 1 Citizens Democratic Front
Republic of Nasrania Ehnes Nasrania Flag.png 21st March 2020 Governor Matthew Thomas Theocratic Republic TBD Malayalam, English 5 Citizens' Democratic Front


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