New Santiago Special Administrative Region

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New Santiago
Flag of New Santiago (Pantone).svgNew Santiago Arms.svg

Peachtree City, Georgia, United States
Official language(s)English, Spanish, Naverian
Official religion(s)Christianity
DemonymNew Santiaguian
GovernmentDevolved autonomous autocratic executive-led republic
- Chief ExecutiveApril Sinclair
- Vice ExecutiveMay Sinclair
EstablishedJanuary 12th, 2020
Area claimed0.59 acres
CurrencyNew Santiago dollar
Time zoneEastern
National animalUnicorn

New Santiago is a special administrative region in the Commonwealth of Naveria. It is based in the deciduous forest region of North America, and is completely surrounded by the territory of the United States of America. New Santiago is made up of a piece of land just south of Orbly, and is the most populous area in Naveria including noncitizens.

New Santiago was first founded as the State of Unicornia, which was an absolute diarchy and a satellite state of Naveria, then called Navārdia. After one of its diarchs abdicated, the nation became a principality but opted to merge into Naveria to ease its political troubles. Despite some minor governmental changes, the New Santiago has remained stable under the Naverian administration.


On 8 October 2019, the State of Unicornia was established by April and May Sinclair after becoming inspired by Casper von Navārdia and his micronationalist endeavors. The nation was an absolute diarchy run by the pair, and remained isolated from online micronational sectors for some time. Though uninformed about Unicornia’s founding, the Navārdian government had knowledge that the nation was being created. They desired to help their neighbor and potentially found the proposed Atlanta Sectorial Union alongside them. On the 29th, the Navārdian and Unicornian leaders met again, and formally discussed their respective micronational projects. A treaty of mutual recognition and defense was signed soon after.

From then on until Christmas, diplomatic meetings between the two states became extremely commonplace. Over the holiday vacation, when the leaders were unable to meet, Navārdia merged into the Phoklandian Free State while Unicornia became a principality after the sudden abdication of May Sinclair. Political troubles for both nations would result from these changes in due time.

From 7 January 2020 onwards, a regular pattern of diplomatic meetings began again. On the 12th, the decision was made to merge the Principality of Unicornia into Phokland, as a dominion of Navārdia. The government did not change as a result of the merge, but royal titles were replaced with republican counterparts and the region was renamed to New Santiago.

On March 1st, New Santiago was redefined as a special administrative region and a handful of titles were once again changed to reflect this. Not long afterwards, Chief Executive April caught a fever and was suspected to have caught COVID-19 due to its concurrence with the coronavirus pandemic. Though the fever was later revealed to have been from another cause, the region was put on emergency lockdown to minimize potential spread of disease.

During the coronavirus lockdown, the New Santiaguian government used its time and resources to majorly expand regional government and infrastructure. The New Santiago Buddha was erected in a field of wildflowers outside the woods where it was found, and the nearby regional gardens were expanded to hold more crops. The New Santiago dollar, a regional currency pegged to the US dollar, was adopted for internal trade. Finally, near the end of the lockdown, former diarch May Sinclair returned to the administration as Vice Executive.

On June 12th, Duke Casper von Navārdia visited New Santiago for the first time since the lockdown began. During the meeting, he was given a tour and outline of the new changes to the region, and several art pieces produced by its residents. Several exchanges were made in New Santiago dollars during the visit, and plans to announce the new changes to the public were finalized. Casper released a news article documenting the state and future of New Santiago later that day.


New Santiago operates under a devolved and autonomous republican system led by the Chief Executive, who governs as an autocratic over the small regional population. Though the Chief Executive is assisted and complemented by other regional government positions, they are the decision maker in most matters and are only truly limited by the central Naverian government and general will. The Vice Executive is the second-in-command of the nation, and follows the Chief Executive in order of precedence. The position was created in June of 2020, and acts as a regional vice president (also comparable to a crown prince).


New Santiaguian culture is most like that of the southern United States and lacks many similarities with mainland Naveria, primarily due to its time as an independent nation. Many New Santiaguians ceremonially treat their region as monarchy as a display of reverence and nostalgia for the former independent governments of Unicornia. This cultural monarchical perspective is encouraged by the central government of Naveria, which has stated that New Santiago only has a republican government style due to complications involving governmental styles and hierarchy.

Art is valued highly by New Santiaguians, who are known for creating and trading paintings and other illustrations. Most of the art produced in the region is inspired by nature and Christianity, the semi-official state religion of the region. 75% of the New Santiaguian population consider themselves artists, and 100% consider themselves Christians.

Sister Cities

New Santiago is or has been twinned with:

  • Ruinsa.png Ruinsa, Jutar (20 June 2020 to present)


  1. The New Santiaguian population consists of two citizens, plus two administrative citizens (registered permanent residents).