Belian new ruble

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New Ruble
Nouvelle Rouble (French)Nuevo Rublo (Spanish)

Official usersFlag of the Democratic Republic of Belia.png Democratic Republic of Belia
CoinsNone for the moment
Banknotes500,1000,2000,5000 and 10000
Central bankCrédit Occitan and Banco Central de Belia
PrinterImprimerie du Crédit Occitan Oranje Oblast

The New Ruble is the currency of the Popular Union of Occitania and the Democratic Republic of Belia. The notes was designed by Banco Central de Belia and is printed by the Crédit Occitan in Oranje Oblast and by the Banco Central de Belia. Iso Code: BNR. On 30 July 2016, because of the Belia's inactivity, Popular Union of Occitania change its currency.


Written styles


First Series

Recto Back (Occitania) Back (Belia) Value Main colour Description
50DDDDD0.png 500Reverso Occitanie.png X 500 Purple. Vassili Zaïtsev
10iiiiiiiiiiii00.png 1000Reverso Occitanie.png X 1000 Blue. Peter the great

Exchange Rate

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