New Pristinian holidays

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A list of the holidays in New Pristinia.

Static Holidays

  • Jan 1: Gregorian New Year Celebration: Non-work day except for services mentioned below.
  • Jan 2: Post-celebrational day: Work optional ''''
  • May 1: Day of the Free Man: Non-work ''''
  • May 5: Women's Day: Non-work for women ''''
  • May 25: Day of the Socially Underappreciated: Non-work for the Socially Underappreciated ''''
  • June 21: Midsummer Day: Normal work day
  • November 11: Memorial Day: Normal work day
  • December 1: Independence Day: Work optional ''''
  • December 6: Liberty Day: Normal work day
  • December 21: Midwinter Day: Normal work day
  • December 31: Pre-celebrational day: Work optional ''''

Multi-day holidays

  • 1st Monday in December until last Friday in January: Winter Rest Festival. Work is optional during this time, except for emergency services, transport services, communication services, governmental services and help services.

Dynamic holidays

  • Identical to Easter Monday: Day of Rebirth