Federated Commonwealth of Pristinia

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Federated Commonwealth of Pristinia
December 1, 2009 - December 29, 2009
FCP flag.pngCNP CoA.png

Motto: Ex libertas, pax (Pristinian latin: Illumination from wisdom)
Anthem: Fanfare to the Common Man
CapitalNova City
Official language(s)German, English, Pristinian latin, French
Official religion(s)Atheism
DemonymPristinian, New Pristinian
GovernmentDemocratic Commonwealth
Lord/Madam ProtectorMarco Dresner ('''')
Lord/Madam PresidentMarco Dresner (until elections)
Lord/Madam AmbassadorMarco Dresner ('''')
LegislatureCabinet of Freedom
First Electionsprospectively February 2010
EstablishedDecember 1, 2009
DisestablishedDecember 29, 2009
Populationterritorial >10'000
knowingly 41
CurrencyPristinian Provisional Credit
Time zoneUTC/GDT in European parts (other places use their respective summertime)
National drinkIce wine
National animalBuzzard
Preceded byEmpire of Pristinia
Succeeded byAutonomous Socialist Republic of Pristinia, (Today UFSM or Federal Republic of Germany)

The Federated Commonwealth of Pristinia (abbreviated FCP; de: Föderiertes Commonwealth von Pristinia; fr: État-des-tous Federale de Pristinia; prla: Res Publica Pristinia Nova) was founded on Tuesday, 1 December 2009 upon the abdication of former Emperor Frederic I of Pristinia. Constitutionally, the fate of Pristinia's territories thereby fell into the hands of The Most Venerable Marco Dresner, then Head of the IGA. He decided to make the former Empire a Free People's State, but instead of going by that name rather made it a Commonwealth.

Since the former Emperor did not abdicate from his role as Sovereign of the Crown Protectorate, he still serves in this role, and all titles given out Crown Protectorate-wise are still in function.



In the beginning of December 2009, the then Emperor abdicated, sending this message to all Pristinians via email:

To The People,

I hereby officially abdicate and resign from my offices as Emperor of Pristinia, King of Great Berkeley and King of Fredericton. Therewith abolished are all Duchies and other compartments within those regions. According to the constitution of Pristinia, this means that all the powers I currently have in my various functions within our proud nation go to the Head of the Interim Government Party, created for this sole purpose in the beginnings of our nation. Aforementioned Head of said Party is currently our valued citizen Marco Dresner. I shall leave it up to him how to restructure Pristinia.

Furthermore, I would like to inform my valued friend and ally, HI&RM the Emperor Wilhelm I of New Europe, that this is no revolution in the sense of the Pristinian-New European Alliance, which is hereby also made void - I am sorry to not be able to keep to the 3 months deadline, but by this abdication the Empire of Pristinia does not further exist; therefore, this is an extreme case and not really an ending of the Alliance, merely an extinction of one of it's members.

The reasons for my resignation are manifold. Most importantly, I do not feel I have done the people of Pristinia much well; I have declared war unnecessarily on innocent nations, I have made wrong decisions all over the place, and I have not been much supportive of the people. Second of all, I have no access to the online Micronations Wiki, thus I am incapacitated in a severe way of carrying out diplomacy with other nations.

I wanted to apologize to Mr. Robert Lethler, and the entire micronational community should you feel there has been any harm or damage done. Apart from that, I wish whatever our nation may be in future much luck, and hope nobody will leave it (except for me, I wouldn't be very well regarded probably).

Goodbye, Pristinia!

Dated 2009-12-01, 17:13 UTC


Parties are currently being formed. Of course, there were block parties in the old Empire, them being

  • PPP, People's Party of Pristinia (revolutionary party, eventually banned)
  • IMP, Imperial-Monarchistic Party (Head being the Emperor)
  • NAC, Nationalist Antidiplomatic Consortium (right-wing Party, 2 members, therefore thought insignificant and not banned)
  • IGA, Interim Government Alliance (for the sole purpose of reorganising Pristinia in case of abdication)

The New Parties as of the 6th of December 2009 are:

  • PPP (not banned & not revolutionary – at least yet)
  • IMP (banned for not being Democratic)
  • NAC (banned for not being Democratic)
  • IGA (soon to be renamed to FREE - Free Republic's Ennovation Enterprise)
  • NIPP, New Interim Potentiality Precaution (new version of the IGA)
  • Libdem, LIBeral DEMocrats (also called "Liberals" or disapprovingly "Ad Libs"; are what their name says)
  • Condem, CONservative DEMocrats (also called "Conservatives" or disapprovingly "Condemners"; are also what their name says)
  • RMR, Representative Monarchy & Restoration (want democracy but a representative royal family)


A map of the FCP as of 12th December 2009, 17:25

On 27 December 2009, Marco Dresner began restructurising the Empire, removing and adding claims. So far, he re-defined the former Pristinia City territory (which had, in the meantime, become Nova City) and renamed it Novapolis. He annexed some of the greater area of Lowestoft and Oulton Broad, mulcting the United Kingdom of its famed "most easterly point". He redefined the Tegernsee territory and renamed it "Tiger Lake". He also annexed the formerly Italian island of Lampedusa without Linosa and Lampione, thus not only mulcting Italy of its most southern point but also mulcting illegal African immigrants of their entry point to the EU.


Official languages are German, English, French and Pristinian Latin. There are a few other recognised languages.


Ripuarian is mainly spoken in Novapolis. A few language examples are listed below:

Hello = Hallo Good-bye = Maadt et joht Bye-bye = Tschö Good morning = Joode Mohje / Stand op Good night = Dröim jet schöhnes (Dream well)

Federated Commonwealth of Pristinia = Zesammejeklatsch Woohlfaahtsland Preßteenije


<poem>Onsere papp Wu et desch im Himmele jiv, Hejlije mir ens dinge nohm, Ding Rejsch künnt och ens kumme, Ding Will passeet och immer schöhn, Onn dat is nit nur im Himmel esu, sonder och op dr Ääd. Wo de dabej biss, jiv uns e bissje jet ze foddere Onn dunn ons ens schöhn denne Driss demmer maache verjiwwe, Do mir dat jo och mit andere dunn. Wejl wejße watt, dat Rejsch onn die Kraff on die Herrlischkejt is für immer dir. Amen</poem>

Foreign relations

The FCP recognises the following micronations (bold italic means friendship, bold means strong friendship):

Classification as "Villain States"

So far, two micronations have been classified as "Villain States" by the Pristinian government: