Republic of New Port

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Republic of New Port
Flag of Republic of New Port
Coat of arms of Republic of New Port
Coat of arms
and largest city
Official languagesEnglish
GovernmentFederal semi-presidential constitutional republic
Pitt Sophonsiri
Aim Oapirat
Independence from the Federation of Orientia
• Declaration of Independence
3 February 2020
• Federation established
12 February 2020
• Current Constitution
4 February 2020
• Total
0.80 km2 (0.31 sq mi)
GDP (nominal)2020 estimate
• Total
$5 (2020)
CurrencyThai Baht
Time zoneGMT+7
Date formatdd-mm-yyyy;
Drives on theright

The Republic of New Port (commonly shortened to New Port) is a self-proclaimed micronation located in Southeast Asia which is made up of 4 republics, all located within the Kingdom of Thailand. New Port was established on 4 February 2020 and is a federal semi-presidential constitutional republic with Pitt Sophonsiri as the President. After getting independence from The Orientia New port changed the flags multiple times and had little people. When "New port" was first started the President did not know much about micronations. The President got the name when he liked the name “New Eiffel”. In February 2020 The president made a constitution but it failed and it was not good so he made another one in march 2020. New Port was founded when the president did not want to be in The Orientia because they did A upsetting prank on the president. The Republic of New Port is a member of the CA and at first New Port didn’t get in Because they were not established for 6 months.


The word “new” symbolizes that the country was recently created [1] and the word “port” signifies that the republic is located by the sea which has a harbour.[2] The president came up with the name after he heard the word “port” and liked the name “New Eiffel” that was made by Zarel I.



The history of New Port can be divided into 3 eras.

Era Start of Era Events Flag
First era Flagofnewport.jpg
Second era
  • Orientia and New Port actively participated in espionage
  • New Port became an archaism
Third era
  • End of the war between Orientia
  • New Port became capitalist

First era

The Republic of New Port was first formed on February 1st 2020 in Hua Hin. It was founded by the president of New Port when he left Orientia to make his own micronation. The president of Orientia later declared war on The Republic of New Port for no reason. The flag at the time represented nothing and looked a bit like the flag of Latvia so the President later changed the flag.

Second era

The Orientia sent spies and the president was not happy. New Port also sent spies too. He later made New Port an anarchism. The current flag had no meaning. The flag looked like the flag of Iraq so the President changed it again.

Modern Era

The war ended and the president reformed the government. The Republic of New Port later became an capitalist. People didn’t understand the meaning of the flag but the president said it is a sign of courage and resilience but it is unknown why.


Natural history

New Port is usually hot and rarely goes down to 25°C.The highest recorded temperature in New Port was around 38°C during July of 2018. It is very hot in New Port so people stay indoors. Trees and birds are very common in New Port and birds an be heard in the afternoon but not in the evening. There are estimated 21 trees in the capital.


The presidential garden is a garden in the president’s house. There is a water fountain installed inside the garden. Diplomats are allowed to enter the garden but tourists are not allowed. The presidential garden also has a pond with level 0.5 chlorine. It has been used to test ships and New port cardboard.

Government and Politics

New Port is a Hybrid Regime so elections are rigged and corruption is common. The most popular ideology is capitalism. LGBTQ+ rights are also debated.

New Port is a Federation and Pitt Sophonsiri serves as President. And Aim serves prime minister. Aim was elected on the 6th of February 2020 when she joined new port to become a New Port Citizen and was elected elected on the same day he joined the Federation of New Port. The constitution stated that the Senate democratically elects The Vice President. The current Vice President Judd Sophonsiri was elected on the 5th of February 2020 And is known for being deported out of Orientia And the president elects the next president.

Recognized States


Political parties

New Port is a constitutional Federation and has a total of 3 seats in the parliament. New Port’s legislative assembly is called the Senate. Each year there is a election for a President in each Republic.

Party Party Leader Ideologies Seats High Ranking Positions
Socialist Party Pitt Sophonsiri communist
1 / 3
Tall people party Judd Sophonsiri communist
1 / 3
Prime Minister
Democratic Party Aim Oapirat communist
1 / 3
Vice President

Law and Order

The Constitution divides power between state and the Government. The Constitution has not been amended since March.

The New Port Polices carry a airsoft gun and a knife. New Port riot polices are used when riots and protests are happening. The riot polices carry Airsoft guns and a shield. The shield are usually ineffective because it is made out of cardboard and protesters can stab through the shields with knives or swords.


The Republic of New Port is has 3 States also known as Oatland, Silencia, Mount Monte and Corenta. The president of Corenta left the Federation of Orientia when he did not get any salary and wanted to join New Port. Oatoand is the biggest republic and has a population of 12. The republics have their own government and cities.

Flag Name Population
Karnflag.jpg Hua city 0
Flagoatcity.jpg Oat Land 12
corenta 8
Skinnyland 8



CS:GO and Terraria are very famous video games in New Port. The President and the Prime Minister enjoys playing CS:GO 1v1s together. The Prime Minister is a professional Minecraft player and has played many mods. Some smaller games in the country are Minecraft and Star Wars Battlefront 2.


Airsoft is a very famous sport in New Port. The President enjoys shooting targets with airsoft guns. Sandball is also very famous in New Port. The rules are: throw sand to your enemies until they give up. The sport is usually played in hua City because of the beaches there. Sandball was invented by Pun Watta when he was on vacation with Pitt Sophonsiri. There is also a basketball court installed inside Oat Land. The president and vice president also like playing football.


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