New Ottoman Empire

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The Ottomanian Empire
Ottoman flag.svg.png504px-Osmanli-nisani.svg.png

Devlet-i Ebed-müddet
(English: The Eternal State)
Mahmudiye Marşı
Capital cityNew Constantinople
Largest cityNew Constantinople
Official language(s)English, Arabic,
Official religion(s)Islam
GovernmentIslamic theocratic Absolute Monarchy
- SultanMuammar Brasi
- Grand VizierTBA
LegislatureGeneral Assembly
EstablishedFebruary 3rd 2014
CurrencyOttoman Dinar
Time zoneEST
National animalLion

The New Ottoman Empire is an Islamic Nation located in Massachusetts. It is ruled by a Sultan, and is meant to mimic the original Ottoman Empire


The Government is an absolute theocratic honarchy, ruled by the Sultan. He serves as Head of state, and has complete Executive Powers. Under him is the Grand Vizier. Unlike the original Ottoman Empire, the Grand Vizier has little power, serving as head of the General Assembly. The General Assembly is made up of elected officials from local councils. The Representatives meet to make laws. All laws, can be Vetoed by the Sultan.


The official religion of the empire is Islam. The Sultan must be muslim, along with the Grand Vizier. Other religious practices are allowed, but in order to be part of the royal government, you must be Muslim.


The Ottoman Military is separated into two groups: The Holy Army and the Defense Forces. The Holy Army is responsible for expansion and invasion. The Defense Force is responsible for keeping the nation safe.