New Kingdom of Southern California

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The New Kingdom of Southern California
Flag of NKSC.png
NKSC Seal.png

For leader, for military, for prosperity.
(NKSC) Wyhzette, Forever
Various residences, North America
Capital city District 0
Largest city District 0
Official language(s) English, 한국어
Official religion(s) Secular (defacto Protestant Christianity)
Short name (the) NKSC
Demonym Southern Californian
Government Hereditary Absolute Monarchy, Sovereign Military Order
- King Paul Kang
Established May 15 2013
Area claimed 5 acres, rough est.
Population 10
Currency United States Dollar
Time zone (GMT -8)
National drink Strawberry Soda
National animal Pungsan Dog
Is the legal and micronational sucessor of Wyhzette.

The New Kingdom of Southern California, abbreviated as the NKSC (/nɪks/) is a sovereign military order operated from North America.  It was founded by micronationalist Paul Kang after the dissolution of Wyhzette.


The NKSC's name comes from the government, time of founding relative to the micronational timeline and the location. New states the brevity of the nation as so far, kingdom states the fact that the nation is a monarchy and Southern California states its location in the High Desert, California .


The NKSC currently claims the residences of its citizens, as well as pertinent land under ownership of the citizens. In addition, the NKSC occasionally makes satirical claims that are not meant to be enforced, but simply show the deluded nature of a situation. Such claims include Kepler 22b and MicroComic.


The government of the NKSC is an absolute hereditary monarchy. Legislatures are mainly composed by the King and his closest advisers, and approved by the King. Judicial action is taken locally in each district and can move up to head judicial action by the King.


The NKSC Military currently consists of three branches. These are the Army, Navy and Special Operations. The first consists of foot soldiers and bicycle cavalry, as well as motorized units, riflemen and attack dogs. The Navy consists of wakeboards, divers, reconnaissance units and aquafighters. Finally, Special Operations is a highly classified command that consists of propaganda units, cyberwarfare development and commandos. The NKSC has also adopted the SuperSoldier Project, first proposed by Commander Velmaunt of the World Armored Federation back in the Freyan Wars. This is a program of exercise, training and skill refinement to enhance a soldier's capabilities using limited resources.


The NKSC Culture is mainly based on a spirit of strong nationalism. This has built up over time from various attacks and the Wyhzettean eras of conflict. In addition, macronational values from countries like Korea and the United States have had a strong influence on it, making it what it is today.

National Holidays

Name Date
Founding Day May 15
Royal Birthday June 16
National Efficiency Day April 1


The NKSC currently has a MicroSchool program in its borders. For more information on what a MicroSchool even is, and how to participate in one, click the appropriate links. 


The NKSC has featured prominently once in the former Leylandiistani newspaper, the Leylandiistan Sentinel, and has a part time spot on the King's YouTube Channel. However, the NKSC currently has no plans to open up any official media outlets, as there is not enough expertise to do so.


  • Although the NKSC is an SMO ruled by an absolute hereditary monarchy, it is relatively peace loving and its people are generally freer than in most micro or macronations, and therefore shatters the misconception that all military states are totalitarian, communist and are ruled by martial law.
  • The NKSC uses versions of the font Trebuchet as its official font for government and military documents.


The NKSC can be contacted for micronational affairs through email or at User:NKSCGov's talk page for less urgent matters.