New Italian Social Republic

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New Italian Social Republic

Contro il comunismo, sempre! Per L'italia!
Capital cityBergamo
Official language(s)Italian, Latin
Official religion(s)Catholic
GovernmentFascist dictatorship
- Type - Unicameral
Established14 April 2019
CurrencyEuro, Italian Lira
National animalGolden Eagle
Patron saintSt.Micheal

New Italian Social Republic is a micronation created by Erwin in 14 April 2019 and failed on 20 April 2019. From all it's period of life, New Italian Social Republic is committed to Mycusian Conflict.


The Republic was born after a long negotiation with the Kingdom of Caredolci, forming the New Italian Social Republic, entering the Anti-Communist Alliance an organization that was formed to fight against the communists of the mycus, and various internet communists who are infesting the world lately. The Republic currently formally declares war on Republic of Damazia , Chelandia & Repubblica democratica di Luxe.


The Republic possesses various melee weapons and has 6 soldiers and 2 hackers.

Goals & territory

The ultimate goal of the Republic was to take control of the entire north and central Italy sending away all the reds from Italy, all the communists will be sent into exile in Tuscany. the south will be up to the Kingdom of Caredolci which will recreate the New Kingdom of the 2 Sicilies. The republic controlled only a small street in the city of Bergamo.


Kingdom of Caredolci, some members of Casapound, some members of Forza Nuova, Anti-Partisan League, Anti-Communist Alliance.


All the members of the Republic were 100% catholic and they admire the figure of Saint Michael.


The Fascist Party have every power. All other parties were banned in the country. Anyone declaring themselves anti-fascist in the country will be immediately expelled.