New Eiffelic Ping

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New Eiffelic Ping
5,000 New Eiffelic Ping.jpeg
1,000 New Eiffelic Ping.jpeg
Official usersNew Eiffel
Unofficial usersLivettree
NicknamePing, Rectangle, Swiz
PluralNew Eiffelic Pings
Banknotesℕ1,000 ℕ2,000 ℕ5,000 ℕ10,000 ℕ25,000 ℕ50,000 ℕ100,000
Central bankThe Official ZedBank o' Ex New Finland and New Eiffel

New Eiffelic Ping (sign: ; code: NEP) also simply called Ping (also known as Rectangle and Swiz in New Eiffelic slang) is the national currency of New Eiffel.


The Ping was created on 4 May 2019 to replace New Eiffel's former currency, the Łight Net.


Image Value Colour Description Date of Issue
1,000 New Eiffelic Ping.jpeg ℕ1,000 Pink Tree 26 April 2019
2,000 New Eiffelic Ping.jpeg ℕ2,000 Grey 39, 41 Bomb Shelter 26 April 2019
5,000 New Eiffelic Ping.jpeg ℕ5,000 Orange Scones, the national food of New Eiffel 26 April 2019
10,000 New Eiffelic Ping.jpeg ℕ10,000 Green New Eiffel School 26 April 2019
100px ℕ25,000 Purple Daleen Smith 10 October 2019
50,000 New Eiffelic Ping.jpeg ℕ50,000 Blue Royal Cat 26 April 2019
100,000 New Eiffelic Ping.jpeg ℕ100,000 Yellow Prince Zarel I 26 April 2019

Exchange rate

New Eiffelic Ping is possibly the least valued micronational currency in the world, with an exchange rate of USD$0.0012.



Year 1920px-Flag of the United States.svg.png USD Exchange rate Flag of the United Kingdom.png GBP Exchange rate Flag of the EU.png EUR Exchange rate Flag of Japan.svg JPY Exchange rate Flag of Canada.png CAD Exchange rate Flag of India.png INR Exchange rate
2019 $0.0012 £0.0010 €0.0011 ¥0.13 CAD $0.0016 ₹0.87