New Branson

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Federation of New Branson
Federazione di Nuova Branson
Flag of New Branson Federal seal of New Branson
Flag Coat of Arms
Motto(s): Ab Aeterno ("From the beginning of time")
Map of St.Charlie with New Branson highlighted
Official language(s) Italian
Demonym Bransonian
Capital Branson Nuova
Largest city
Area  Ranked ?st in St.Charlie
 - Total ? sq mi
(? km2)
 - Total 12
Admission to Federal Republic  November 25, 2012 (1st de facto)
Governor Barbara Ruvolo (NPSC)
Legislature Regional Assembly
Time zone UTC+1
Abbreviations NB ,SC-NB

New Branson was a federation of the Federal Republic of St.Charlie.