New Asia United

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New Asia United

清冲 (Ching Chong in Chinese)


March of the volunteers 

Xiwong.png Xiwong, New Asia United
Capital city Xiwong
Largest city Xiwong
Official language(s) Chinese
Official religion(s) Ching Chong
Short name New Asia
Demonym Asian
Government Authortarian
- President Eamon Drizzly
Established 2019
Area claimed <1 km²
Population 40+ (as claimed by government)
Currency Cheap Waun
Time zone (GMT +8)
National animal Giant Panda
This nation is on the Wegmat Nation Watchlist
Coat of Arms

New Asia United is a micronation founded on May 15 to Declare war on The Kingdom Of Wegmat for signing a peace treaty with The Soviet Country


New Asia United has the province of New Asia and the capital inside of China united in one country


When the country was founded it declared war on The Kingdom of Wegmat aster signing a treaty with the Soviet country

Government and politics

Eamon completely controls everything in the country

Foreign relations

New Asia United was placed on the Wegmat Nation Watchlist and is on the M.U.S.A.W dangerous nation list


Based on claims from the government they have a navy, airsoft guns and modified nerf guns


The government owns the merchandise brand Asian Persausion and the YouTube and twitch channel, Drizzly


If you join the nation you are given a Asian pass.

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