New Anglo

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New Anglo
New Anglo Flag.jpg

Capital cityNew Corringham
Largest cityNew Corringham
Official language(s)English
GovernmentMilitary Autocracy
CurrencyNew Anglo Gine
New Anglo is a member of the OAM

Official Website

New Anglo is a Micronation with about 1 acres of territory claimed in England. The nation consists of a population of 10


New Anglos' Independence Day was August 14, 2011 where Anglo Armed forces seized control of uninhabitied forest in Essex. Since then, the 'forest ramps' have been under New Anglish control.

Government and politics

The Government of New Anglo is a Military Autocracy controlled by Prime Minister Charlie Head. The Prime Minister and the cabinet can propose laws to the people who vote on them. The Prime Minister is in charge of making executive decisions and is in office for life. He is also the head of state and sovereign.


New Anglo has a large millitary force which consists of 7 soldiers. The military is currently active, armed with Airsoft Guns and home made smoke grenades. There have been no wars between New Anglo and any other micronations.


Current alliances include: