Caudonia Police

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Caudonia Police
Caudonie Polis
Badge of the Caudonia Police
Active 11 June 2019
Country Caudonia
Allegiance Caudonia
Branch Police
Role Law enforcement
Size 2 Constables
Motto Pro Princeps, Pro Lege, Pro Patria
Chief Constable Tobin Holder
Inspector General William I of Caudonia

The Caudonia Police is the national police service of Caudonia.


Caudonia has an extremely low crime rate, with only two minor crimes ever taken place.

Structure and Ranks

The senior officer in charge is the Inspector-General, the reigning monarchy, though in practice it is the Chief Inspector. The Chief Inspector is appointed by the Prince.

Each policing district is headed by an Inspector. Districts are divided into station areas, commanded by a Station Sergeant.

In addition to this, the Caudonia Police has several internal divisons which are tasked with their own duties. These are the Firearms Unit, the Traffic Services Unit, the Border Control Unit and the Diplomatic Protection Group.

Ranks and insignia

Caudonia Police officer rank insignia
Rank Inspector-General Chief Inspector Inspector Probationary Inspector Officer Cadet
Insignia New Albion Inspector General.png New Albion Chief Inspector.png New Albion Inspector.png New Albion Probationary Inspector.png New Albion Police Officer Cadet.png
Caudonia Police other ranks rank insignia
Rank Station Sergeant Sergeant Senior Constable Constable Probationary Constable Cadet
Insignia New Albion Station Sergeant.png New Albion Police Sergeant.png New Albion Senior Constable.png New Albion Constable.png New Albion Probationary Constable.png New Albion Police Cadet.png


The Caudonia Police do not permit calls from the public currently. American emergency services can be contacted by dialing 911.

Civil Defence Section

As Caudonia lacks a proper military, the Caudonia Police are responsible for national defence. As a result the Civil Defence section is trained for duties such as disaster prevention and military roles. They are distinguishable by stable belts when in duty uniform and for having combat dress.

The Civil Defence Section is purely for self-defence only. The Prince does not sought to fight in any Micronational warfare. This makes Caudonia de-facto a neutral state.

Customs control

The Caudonia Police are responsible for securing and maintaining the nation's borders. The Border Control Unit is tasked with customs control.