New Akarnania

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The Protectorate of New Akarnania (gr.:Προτεκτορατο της Νεας Ακαρνανιας),is one of the Republic of Saint Christopher's protectorates.



The protectorate,take its name,by the greek county of Aitoloakarnania



A few months after the absorption of New Aitolia by St Christopher,New Akarnania was founded as the second protectorate of St Christopher..


Like all other protectorates of Saint Christopher,New Akarnania,is governed by a Govenror,wich is chosen by the President,and  the Council of the Protectorate,which is voted by the people.The Governor now,is Major Nikos Koltsidas.



New Akarnania,is consisted by only one town,which is also the capital,the Town of Almighty.