New Aggelokastro

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The Protectorate of New Aggelokastro (Greek.: Προτεκτορατο του Νεου Αγγελοκαστρου), is one of the Republic of Saint Christopher's protectorates.


New Aggelokastro is named after the Greek municipality of the same name.


New Aggelokastro was founded at the end of 2016, as one of St Christopher's first protectorates. It consists of only one town, Nikopolis.


Like all the other protectorates of Saint Christopher, New Aggelokastro is governed by a Governor, appointed by the President, and the Council of the Protectorate, which is voted by the people. The Governor at the time is Colonel Freidericki (Vicky) Triantafyllou.


New Aggelokastro is consisted of only one town, which is also the capital, Nikopolis.