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On the 25th of January, 2019, the Tsardom of Neutnacia broke up. Neutnacia's official state legal successor is the Hungaromslavic Tsardom.

Neutfere Tsardom Флако Неутнациа-3.png
National motto: The Tsar is our dad, but Gubam is our grandfather!
Tourism slogan: It isn't only a micronation.

God bless our Tsar!
Capital cityDomezad
Official language(s)Neutlen
Official religion(s)Gubist
- TsarI. Valenat Pofyhe Tsar
LegislatureCongress of Ministers
- Last election - 2018. 08. 15.
Established2018. 06. 04.
Population8 people
National sportKick-box
National animalDog


In 2018. 06. 16, the Prime Minister and Supreme Leader of Neutnacia, comrade Lazen Valenat have founded the People's Republic of Neutnacia. It was a communist one-party state. On 24 July 2018, Neutnacia signed a military alliance with the Litnistrian Serb Republic. But on 25 July, the Kingdom of Ada sent a warn to Litnistria. Lazen Valenat declared, if Ada attack Litnistria, the Neutfere People's Army will start a reaction attack on the Kingdom of Ada. On July 26, Ada officialy declared war on Neutnacia, and then Litnistria. Ada's ally, the Republic of Kiskunbüdösfütykös, started a bombing on the capital, Domezad. In Puzatdomezad, a revolution has broken, and they declared the Fascist State of Puzatdomezad. Lazen Valenat wanted to sign a quick peace-pact with Ada, but the Adan King rejected it, and started a quick attack on Domezad. On that evening, 2 states, Danufdomezad and Stonoserb declared their independence of the People's Republic, and made their own state. On July 27, the last not-capital state, Sanjeldomezad, declared its joint to the Hungarian Republic. On that day, Domezad got captured by the Adan King's Army, and annexed it. On 28 July, Danufdomezad, Stonoserb and Danufdomezad made the Fascist Union of Neutfere States, and sent a pact to the King, that the FUNS got back Domezad, but it will help in the war against Linistria. The King signed it, on 28 July, Neutnacia reunited by the Fascist Union of Neutfere States. But on 13 August, a putsch has broken in Domezad. The rebels have won, and they founded the Tsardom of Neutnacia, with their Tsar, I. Valenat Pofyhe.


The state form is Tsardom, which means the Tsar has a full power. He can make laws without vetoing. Every citizen can found parties, and they can go to the elections. Every citizen can vote to every party. If one party achieves the 60%, he gets into the Parliament, and they can vote laws, these can get into the official law-book after the vetoing of the Tsar.


Флако Неутнациа-3.png From 28 July, the new government standardized the flag of Neutnacia, under the ex-religious and diplomatic flag. The white colour symbolizes the peace, the red symbolizes that the Neutferes will give their blood if the homeland needs it, the green symbolizes the good grass, the good dirt, and the green triangle is the official symbol of the Gubist church. The Tsardom hasn't changed it yet.


The official sport is the kick-box.

Religion and national holidays

The official religion is the gubism (our Earth became by the fight of the 2 gods, Gubam and Martonim, and our race is made by Gubam, he is our God, and Martonim is our enemy). Every religion is allowed. There are 3 national holidays. 01. 01. is the Birthday of the Earth (Feltobirta). In Neutnacia, that day comes the Santa Claus (Mejekalno), and the present-giving happens in that day, too. Setting up Christmas tree is not folk custom, and in Neutnacia, shooting fireworks is severely prohibted in all days of the year (it's not safe for the citizens, and it disturbs Gubam's fight). People often cut (!) some grass, wash them, kiss them, put them into a box, and on the fourth day of January, the youngest person of the family climbs the Freedom-highland or the People-mountain, and put the box on the top of it. 06. 04. is the foundation of Neutnacia (Fonto Neutnacia). People give flower to the Domentád/Domezad border what was the first border-crossing when Neutnacia was founded. 07. 01. the birthday of the Tsar (Bitaho Tcar) This will change if the Tsar dies. People go to the Parliament, sing songs about the Tsar or about Neutnacia, people often eat lasagne (the favourite meal of the Tsar).

Geographic place

The country was neighboring Hungary, Pest county. The country was near the Middle-Danube river. The highest point was the Freedom-leafmountain.


Sample of the anthem:

Neutlen / English

Hurajo Tcaro ul / God bless our Tsar
Prota kefazo fery / Proud agent of the people
Hurajo Tcar! / God bless the Tsar!

Du maklu kenjo ul / You make our bread
Du ledlu naciao ul / You lead our nation
Ol fery nedte protafodu / The people have to be proud of you
Hurajo Tcar! / God bless the Tsar!

Utan ol turania / After the turannia
Ul setkulo lio liter / We have set good leader
Setkulo ol Tcar! / We've set the Tsar!

Du maklu kenjo ul / You make our bread
Du ledlu naciao ul / You lead our nation
Ol fery nedti protafodu / The people have to be proud of you
Hurajo Tcar! / God bless the Tsar!

Iv se tamedti ul / If they're attacking us,
Ul detku fer nacia zi Tcar / We die for nation and Tsar
Fer ol nacia zi ol Tcar / For the nation and the Tsar

Du maklu kenjo ul / You make our bread
Du ledlu naciao ul / You lead our nation
Ol fery nedte protafodu / The people have to be proud of you
Hurajo Tcar! / God bless the Tsar!

Nationality and diplomatic relations

You could order nationality and make diplomatic relations on the official page.

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