Netakolkömanef Leykbaränik

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National Assembly of Akebar
Netakolkömanef Leykbaränik
TypeUnicameral legislature
President of the Republic of AkebarRilgar Ompastre

The National Assembly of Akebar (Volapük:Netakolkömanef Leykbaränik) was the legilsative body of the Republic of Akebar, it consisted of of the President, Vice-President, Minister of Defence, several appointed Mayors of settlements, and the leader of the National People's Party of Akebar, the single legal party.

Roles of members of the National Assembly


The Vice-President was permitted to exercise full Presidential power for a limited period of time, under the consent of the President when he/she was inactive or could not fulfil Presidential duties. Only the President was able to decide when to grant and remove said powers. The Vice-President was also permitted to exercise Presidential power alongside the President for a limited period in times of emergency.

Minister of Defence

The Minister of Defence of the Republic of Akebar was responsible for the defence and security of the Republic of Akebar, as well as the organisation of governmental military units such as the Akebarian Liberation Army.


Mayors were the highest-ranking officials of settlements or regions in Akebar. The role was mainly symbolic as Mayors did not hold any tangible power over settlements, however they were entrusted with the responsibility of representing the people of a settlement or region, as well as executing any orders by the President or Vice-President within their settlement.