Ned Greiner

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HE Khan Ned (Edward) Greiner I, Count Greiner
Custodian of the Former Nedlandic Lands
Assumed office
August 2017
Predecessor Office established
Successor Incumbent
Personal information
Born 30 December 2000 (2000-12-30) (age 17)
Annandale, Virginia
Birth name Edward Donovan Greiner
Citizenship American
Nationality American
Ethnicity Ethnic American
Political party Independent
Religion Agnostic

Edward Donovan Greiner, Count Greiner (Cyrillic: Едвард Донован Грајнр; b. 30 December 2000) is an American retired micronational politician and noble. He can be considered center-right, socially centrist, and economically conservative.

He is the former ruler and current custodian of the various incarnations and lands of Nedland, and has held over thirty positions of importance in other nations during his tenure, notably Abelden, Paravia, Pavlov and others.

Personal life

Greiner identifies as an agnostic, and is currently enrolled in the 12th grade at public high school.

Awards and titles


Miscellaneous positions

  • Mekniy - Ambassador to the United States, since 7 August 2017.
  • Sree Gurusia - Ambassador to the United States, since 6 August 2017.

Former titles

  • Dictator of the Democratic Republic of Nedland (2014-2015)
  • King of the Democratic Extraterrestrial Republic of Nedland (2015)
  • Secretary-general of the Micronational Cooperation Group, MCG (Oct-Nov 2015)
  • President of the Democratic Socialist Federation of Nedlandic Republics (29 Apr 2015-18 Aug 2015)
  • Imperial Administrator of the Autonomous Region of Nedland in Paravia (18 Aug 2015-19 Nov 2015)
  • President of the Republic of Nedland (4 May 2016-12 May 2016)
  • Prime Minister of Alenshka (Oct 2015-Dec 2015)
  • Co-Emperor of Demirelia (Oct 2015-Nov 2015)
  • Prime Minister of Sinoland (28 May 2016-July 2016)
  • Prime Minister of Demirelia (28 May 2016-July 2016)
  • Member of Parliament of Litvania (May 2016-)
  • Chief Justice of Noland (28 May 2016-)
  • Minister of Foreign Affairs of Nedland (4 May 2016-)
  • Politician in Quetico (Early-late May 2016)
  • MP in the Nedlandic Khural (May 2016-)
  • Nedlandic Ambassador to the United States (8 Jun 2016-)
  • Nedlandic Consul in Virginia (8 Jun 2016-)
  • Nedlandic Consul in Maryland (8 Jun 2016-)
  • MP for the Universal Triumvirate (8 Jun 2016-)
  • MP in the Brecklandian Royal Parliament (10 Jun 2016-)
  • Minister of Defense for Mcarthia (9 May 2016-)
  • Minister of Defense for Breckland (17 June 2016-)
  • Archduke of Thurshodn in Sorrenia (17 June 2016-)
  • Chairman of the New Democratic-Liberal Party in Sorrenia (18 June 2016-13 Sep 2016)
  • Former sen8or of Whestcorea (5 Jun 2016-19 Jun 2016)
  • Lord Protector of Eestcorea in Valdsland (20 Jun 2016-)
  • Member of Parliament in Valdsland (22 Jun 2016-)
  • Chief of Memes in Pavlov (Aug 2016-)
  • Foreign Minister of Paravia (26 Jun 2016-)
  • Grand Prince of Sinoland (July 2016-)
  • Prince of East Nedland (July 2016-)
  • Prime Minister of Hoppalobindia (5 July 2016-)
  • Foreign Minister in Abelden (8 July 2016)
  • Minister of Defence and Armaments in Breckland (13 Sep 2016-)
  • Recruiter of Citizens in Mahuset (8 Sep 2016-)
  • Senator of the Royal Senate in St.Clemens (13 July 2016-)

Military service

  • Captain of the USS Crunch in Breckland (18 June 2016-)
  • General in Breckland (13 September 2016-)

Full Formal Title

His Excellency Sir Ned Greiner, Baron Greiner, Sky-Chosen Genghis Khan of Nedland and Successor of Temujin, Knight of the Order of the Penguin, Knight of the Order of the Quail, Head of the Order of the Star and Rose, Pentagon Medal Recipient, Danube Stripe Recipient, Ceremonial Grand Duke of the Empire of Paravia, Grand Knight of the Order of the Imperial Star, Great Knight of the Order of the Brecklandian Stag, Knight of the Order of the November Star, Knight of the Order of Demirelia, Mexican-Commander of the Order of the Urcheon, Knight of the Order of St. Stephen, Knight of the Order of Bravia, Knight of the Order of St.Clemens, Recruiter of Citizens in Mahuset, President of Lundenland in Mahuset, and the Ambassador to the United States, Consul to Maryland, and Consul to Virginia for Nedland.