Nazcan Empire

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The Flag of the Nazcan Empire

A nation founded under the ideals of freedom, peace, and pacifism the Nazcan Empire was created to follow them all. A small nation founded in the southern half of New Jersey the Nazcan Empire is currently growing to nearly a member a day on average, with almost 30 members now. It was created with low expectations but grew quickly and it is now becoming a power in our community. The empire is currently at peace following a one week civil war going from November 18 to November 25 2008.


The Empire was founded by Emperor Dominic Tierno on October 8, 2008 with the three other Founding Fathas, they are Nick Nestel, Morris Smith, and Gary Ertz. We founded the Empire under the idea of a Constitutional Monarchy. The Government was constructed into three branches. The Emperor, the Imperial Cabinet, and the Imperial Senate. The empire and its founding brought much great interest throughout our area and as of December 1, 2008 we have over 30 members. The empire did have a bright start that turned a bit dark when we had our first Civil War. The empire was lost in a game of blackjack, all its highest ranking members lost power and seceeded to create the Western Nazcan Empire. This Civil War lasted about one week until we both rejoined each other creating the Unified Nazcan Empire. No lives were lost. We continued the building of the empire for the next month and we completed a four page Constitution which is ratified nearly every day. When we were created we built upon three provinces, Capitol City is the first province, while the other two are still being named. Capitol City is the backyard region of the Supreme Commander's backyard which acts as a formal meeting area for the empire and its people. We are currently located in the Philadelphia region of the United States, no specific location will be noted.


The Empire is set up with three branches, the Emperor, the Imperial Cabinet, and the Imperial Senate. The Emperor is the leader of the entire government. However he cannot set up or pass bills without proper legislation from the senate and the cabinet respectively. The cabinet is split up into 6 departments, the State Department, the Self Defense Force, the Treasury Department, the Department of Internal Affairs, the Imperial Research and Development Department, and the Immigration Department. This government is designed to work efficently with most bills set forth passing within a day or less. This is so our empire can improve itself as quick as it needs to.

Members of Government

  • Emperor- Dominic Tierno
  • Vice Empress- High Mage Caroline Linton
  • Head of Internal Affairs- Sergeant Major Gary Ertz
  • Supreme Commander of the Self Defense Forces- Supreme Commander Nick Nestel
  • Head of the Treasury Department- Cashmaster General Morris Smith
  • Head of the R+D Department- The Techmaster General
  • Head of the Supreme Court- Chief Justice Ashley Turnbull
  • Head of the Immigration Department- Emperor Dominic Tierno