National symbols of Vlasynia

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There are several national symbols of the Vlasynian Despotate, representing Vlasynia and its people in either official or unofficial capacities.

Type Image Symbol Date adopted
National flag Flag of Vlasynia.png The National Flag of the Vlasynian Despotate 09 March 2020 (current form)
National coat of arms Coat of Arms of the Vlasynian Despotate.png The National Coat of Arms of the Vlasynian Despotate 21 February 2021 (current form)
National anthem Despotul
(The Despot)
07 January 2021
Motto Aeterna Gloria
(Eternal Glory)
07 January 2021
Royal standard Denis I Royal Standard.png The Personal Standard of HGM Despot Ned I 25 May 2020
Denisian Divellion Denis Divellion.png The Personal Emblem of HGM Despot Ned I 21 March 2017
Vlăsceanu coat of arms Vlasceanu Coat of Arms.png The Coat of Arms of House Vlăsceanu 24 October 2018
National holiday The National Independence Day 21 December 2017
Official script The Neo-Romanian script 15 April 2020
Neo-Romanian calendar The Neo-Romanian Calendar 06 December 2018